Monday, 1 May 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 33c


·        Barret will need to roll an 18 to stablise. He rolls a 10 and bleeds out another point.
·        Fremont will need to take a morale check as last round was the first time he was wounded in this combat. He’ll need to roll anything but a 1. He rolls a 12 and will continue in the fight.
·        Lucien yells “Well done Clovis. Tend to and protect Barret. We’ll finish the beast.” Clovis attempts to stablise Barret. It’s a Heal skill check to apply First Aid and is a DC 15. He has no skill and no wisdom modifier so he’ll need to roll a 15. He rolls a 12 and fails. Barret continues to bleed (he is currently -10, if he reaches -12 he will die).
·        Fremont is in a perilous state. He knows that if he is attacked again by the lion he’ll likely become unconscious at least but will probably be killed. He takes one last stab at the lion, which he misses, and takes a 5ft step to the north to move to relative safety.
·        Malandir curses the lions, believing them to be somehow protected from ranged attacks, both of his arrows have gone astray!. He takes his opportunity to fire relatively unimpeded as Fremont clears the fight. He lets another arrow at the monster but again misses the lion. He doesn’t expect much from the archery of the men at arms, or even Lucien, but he is concerned when HIS arrows don’t find their mark. After all he inflicted every wound that lead to the killing of the ogre after it smashed down several party members and now feels that he has a lot to live up to. He looks over his shoulder to the almost finished master crafted long bow slung on his back. Only a few more days and it’ll be ready.
·        Talmark 5ft steps to the north east to take up a flanking position opposite Kord and swings Felldrac upon the lion but misses.
·        Lucien drops his crossbow and readies his spear and moves down on the flank of Talmark and attacks the lion. He’s got the beast flanked against the efforts of Kord. He stabs at the monster and hits it in the right thigh for 2pts of damage.
·        Kord swings his heavy mace and hits the lion in the rump for 6pts of damage. The monster is still up but very close to being killed.

·        The lion decides to attack: 1-2 Lucien, 3-4 Talmark, 5-6 Kord. Roll = 3 = Talmark. The lion turns and bites Talmark on the head. At the last second Talmark turns his helmet towards the beast and avoids the worse of the damage and only takes 6pts. It lashes out at him with its two paws and hits him one more time, this time in the stomach. It’s a nasty wound, passing through his armour and delivering another 6pts of damage.

·        Kords mirror image disappears.
·        Barret will need to roll a 19 to stablise. He rolls a 5 and bleeds out another point.
·        Fremont rushes to help Clovis to stablise Barret. He attempts to Aid Another and will need to roll a 10 to help. He rolls an 11 and renders valuable assistance. Clovis will now need to roll a 13 to stablise Barret. He rolls a 15 and Barret is stabilised.
·        Talmark attempts to bring down Felldrac on the vicious lion. The big, two handed sword smashes into to the stomach of his opponent, practically disemboweling it as he delivers 11pts of damage. Fatally wounded, the beast falls to the ground and bleeds out.


Kord has memorised one Cure Light Wound spell for the day and he immediately moves to Per and casts it and heals back 9pts of damage. Per wakes, now on 5hp. 

With a number of the party heavily wounded they quickly skin the big cats and make their way to the relative sanctuary of Cragmaw Cave. 

They arrive to see that nothing has disturbed their abode since they had left it a few days ago and they settle in to rest and restore their strength. They post Clovis on first watch at the gate and Malandir takes first watch at the gate over watch position. 

Whilst they have no more healing between them today (without using consumables) Lucien and Kord can cast 5 cure light wounds between them per day. They estimate it’ll take two full days to completely heal up the party and they resolve to rest till the 16th and to head back to the Caves of Chaos on the 17th

DM’s Note – So on the 16th it will have been a week of mundane crafting. So far, I’ve got noted that Malandir was working on his master crafted long bow which will cost him 150gp (ie ½ the normal price of master crafting which is 300gp). Lucien what did you mundanely craft during the week? As for magical crafting (ie scrolls and potions) the party won’t have any spare spell slots except for domain spells as they will have used the others healing the party. Lucien may be able to do something though with his new alchemist skills. Again, please let me know. Per, you’ll be able to start master crafting a bow from the 16th and, should you have enough funds, it’ll be complete on the 23rd.

The party already does have a number of consumables to hand. See the register below.



  1. Per thanks his companions for restoring his health and for killing the two lions. He will, indeed, start work on crafting a longbow.

  2. Lucien can do up to three Alchemical Extracts-to-potions per day without using any Clerical Spell slots.

    He will craft 4ea potions of True Strike and Expeditious Retreat. That will cost Lucien a total of 200gp in resources out of his 341gp.

    Unless we worked out a pre-payment, 50gp of that will be recovered from Malandir when Lucien hands him one each of those potions per his request. Could not do the CLW potion because of the need for casting those spells over the rest time (apparently.)

    Lucien will also craft a Thunderstone (15gp.)

  3. Hmmmm... to sell the pelts for gold, or to keep them as nice rugs to make the caves a little more homey?

    Talmark tenderly touches his head wound as he ribs Per, "Now Per, we all know that failing at a task is the best way to learn to do that task better, but that does not count in cases of life-or-death! Ouch!"
    He gazes at the other wounded. "An auspicious start. Perhaps one of our treasures sold was an item of good luck, though I doubt it." Looking about the caves he then brings up "We are away from here perhaps too often. Though it was not disturbed during our last outing that may not last. We cannot carry everything with us all of the time, so am starting to think that we may need to create a disguised cache that would be difficult for intruders to find. Any ideas?"

    {And while we are here, whatever happened to the corpses Kord was preparing for reanimation? Are we just collecting them until he is powerful enough, or was he performing some work on them? Should we be collecting our kills? And does the place stink like rot or what?}

    1. Yeah I know right. I was so interrupted in my work before it was complete by going off to the Caves of Chaos et all. The non-prepared bodies have been buried. If Kord wants to he’ll have to exhume them later.

      A number of the party really don’t like undead so once Kord animates them well …. that’ll provide for an interesting time.

    2. Pelts, valuation, yes. Over the two days Malandir Takes 10 and appraises the pelts. He thinks that they are much more valuable than gnoll pelts and the female lion should fetch 50gp from Berowalt and the male is particularly valuable, perhaps 150gp.

  4. Yeah sorry about that I got a bit lazy.

    On the first day (ie the 15th) Kord casts Cure Light Wounds once on Per for 3pts, taking him to 8hp and then a second time for 5pts taking him to 13. He then casts on Talmark for 7pts taking him to 15pts.

    Lucien casts Cure Light Wounds twice on Barret for 3pts and 6pts taking him from -11 to -2.

    Overnight they all heal back two pts taking them to:
    - Per from 13 to 15 of a total of 15, so fully healed.
    - Talmark from 15 to 17 of a total of 20
    - Barret from -2 to 0 of a total of 12
    - Freemont from 1 to 3 of a total of 12.

    On the second day Kord casts Cure Light Wounds on Barret healing back 8pts taking him from 0 to 8 and on Freemont healing back 10pts taking him back from 3 to his max of 12. He casts again on Barret, healing back 5 taking him from 8 to his max of 12.

    Overnight Talmark heals back 2 pts from 17 to 19 from a total of 20.

    Everyone is fully healed except Talmark who is 1pt short.

    Lucien you have 2 spell slots that you could either turn into potions or scrolls.

  5. Turning to Talmark, Per says with a wry smile, "Next time a lion leaps at me I'll duck!"

    Regarding the choice of what to do with the lion pelts, Per votes for selling them. "I don't want a permanent reminder of how close to death I came because of them! Sell them and be done with it."

    Finally, he thanks Kord for the use of his Cure Light Wounds spells. His respect for Kord grows stronger.

  6. "Sell them indeed. Once we have trounced the Gnolls we will have enough furs to create a fashion stir in the closest large city! Perhaps poor Barrett could take up a new career as a tailor and only lose his own blood to pin-pricks rather than to murderous creatures of the wild!" Talmark jokes.

    {we can always use more reliable help, so if raising a couple of skeletons to help us out is doable, perhaps we should give that a look. Why risk ourselves when we can risk dudes that don't need to worry about dying! The mercs will earn their pay either way, and if they give us too much trouble they can always be "converted" to the same sort of tools. I mean, they didn't really grieve about the loss of their friends, so perhaps they might be a little more receptive to having some undead with us if it means less risk to themselves.}

    1. Kord will be able to raise dead at level 3, so we're a little way off at the moment. I was figuring though that we could leave some back at Cragmaw Caves to help defend it whilst we're away, perhaps use some to support our efforts in the caves and perhaps, if we undertake some type of final assault on the Burg, as a van in the attack to soak up a lot of the damage. Just a couple of ideas for you to consider.

  7. Hey everyone, I broke both my wrists yesterday. DEW has my permission to run my character on autopilot as a DM PC, or take me out and put me in the burgh because I can't type in to participate. It's difficult to type, but I can still follow the adventure narrative.