Monday, 29 May 2017

Empire Battle Report: Part 1

A mate said recently, “Jeez mate the old Wargamers Paradise blog doesn’t exactly feature a lot of wargaming.”

“Yeah,…..fair cop” I thought to myself. 

So here we are with some pictures and a high level overview of an Empire that we recently played.
This game is set in 1812 and pits the Russians against the French. 

The French forces are led by Marshal Macdonald, an Inspirational Good commander. He has two infantry divisions and two cavalry brigades under his command. An overview of his forces is provided below. 

The Russian forces are led by Tuchkov, a Poor Impersonal commander who similarly is in command of two divisions of infantry and two brigades of cavalry.

In the following picture you can see the Russians deployed on the left and the French on the right. Both players deployed their more elite infantry divisions to the upper end of the table. The French kept their cavalry in reserve, behind their infantry, whilst the Russians deployed their cavalry on the flanks of their infantry.

The Cossacks and Uhlan’s in formation.

The next picture shows a closer shot of the French deployment.

In the first hour the first Russian Cossack Brigade moves around to the bottom of the picture (lets call that south shall we to make it a bit easier to describe the movement) whilst Konovnitzin’s Division moves to the east to take up a position on the hill and Strogonoff’s Division moves around to the north east, around the house in the top of the picture, to begin their attack. The Lithuanian Ulhan Brigade moves back to a reserve position behind Konovnitzin’s Division. 

The French cavalry remain in reserve whilst Larnarque’s Division moves up to take a position on the hill and to deploy their artillery whilst Broussier’s Division move to the north.

A little long range artillery duel begins between the two gun lines but no casualties of any substance are sustained. 

The second brigade of the Russian Grenadier Division advances supported by Cossack cavalry.

And they are supported by the 1st brigade with the Pavalovs.

But on the hill the French await with a 12pdr heavy and a 8pdr medium heavy battery deployed.

And Broussier’s Division advances.

In the next post I’ll put up some more pictures of the rest of the battle. 



  1. That looks really stunning! Superbly painted figures and a suitably impressive gaming board. Thanks for sharing a side of your hobby I never knew existed, Tim. This all took me back to my early days of wargaming when I was heavily into Napoleonics and World War 2.

  2. Thanks Bryan for your kind words.

    Ohh yeah mate we've got thousands of miniatures in the group. In 28mm alone we've got napoleonic French, Austrian, Russian and British armies, for WW2 28mm we'd have probably 10 different armies, for Warhammer 40k we'd have, jeez I dunno, probably 8 or so large armies. Then we've got a couple of large colonial armies and thousands of fantasy miniatures. In fact I've got a whole dungeon setting and all the monsters to play the Keep on the Borderlands but a big reason I'm doing an on-line game with you guys using graphics is because of the amount I travel for work I'm only at home about a 100 days a year at the moment and so because I'm away 250 or so days I really don't get a chance to paint any more.

    Anyway I should probably take more photographs of some of the other sets of miniatures we've got.

    The list goes on by the way, 15mm WW2, WW2 aerial, WW2 naval, 6mm napoleonics, 28mm necromunda, 28mm zombies (hahaha you should like that one, inspired by your good self), 28mm pre-historic, 10mm 30 years war, 28mm ancients (many armies), 28mm medieval (many armies).

    I think that's about it.

  3. I really do hope you show as many of them as you can, Tim. I bet you have more figures and armies than I do and I've been collecting since the late 1970's!