Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 37d


·        Talmark slashes at the monster in front of him and misses but his back swing hits it in the chest for 14pts of damage (DM’s Note – I gave Talmark a re-roll as I’d forgotten his cleave last round). The gnolls chest is caved in and vital organs are split asunder as it crashes to the floor. He immediately cleaves at the gnoll to his right and carves off its arm. It slumps to the ground clutching at its bleeding stump as it suffers 14pts of damage and bleeds out.
·        With the way open, Kord rushes forth and Channels Negative Energy again for 4pts of damage. It’s a DC 15 attack with a WIL save for ½ damage. The remaining male rolls an 18 and suffers 2pts of damage. The females roll 6, 11, 20, 6 and 16. Three will suffer 4pts and the remaining two will suffer 2pts. All the pups who were cowering in the back of the cave are instantly slain. “Now’s your time Malandir” Kord rings.
·        Malandir had been day dreaming. He was thinking to himself about the virtues of Channeling Negative Energy and its ability to remove great numbers of lesser enemy and that he feels that he’s learnt enough to advance to a new level of skills. He is awakened from his stupor by Kord’s shout and he immediately moves 25ft to the east and fires an arrow at the remaining female which he hits in the left shoulder. The arrow penetrates deep into the flesh and bone of the already badly wounded female causing 3pts of damage and killing her.
·        Per moves 10ft to the north and stabs at the gnoll to the north west with his long hafted glaive but he misses the last male.
·        Per calls Fremont to his side and the heavily encumbered fighter moves forward 20ft but cannot quite get into position this round.

·        With 50% of their number slain, the gnolls must take another morale check. They roll 9 on2d6 against a morale of 8 and break and flee towards the back of the cave.
·        As the male flees, he leaves Per’s area of threat and Per gets an Attack of Opportunity. He stabs at the monsters back and hits. The blade bites deep as he delivers 12pts of damage, killing the monster before it can get away.
·        One of the females is also in his area of threat and Per strikes at her as she tries to leave but he misses her and she flees to relative safety.



  1. We kill them! We kill them all! We sacrifice them to Asmodeus!

  2. Malandir is quick to shout in gnoll "drop your weapons and tell me everything about your tribe and this cave if you hope to live!"

  3. OK, just so we are all clear, the elf isn't trying to save anyone here .. he just wants to know what lies beyond both passageways and how many more pelts are available to collect ... because, yes, he is planning on skinning these gnolls!

  4. Ah, understood. I do like your thinking!

  5. Indeed, you will notice that nothing he said actually offers them a chance to live, it just plays to their hope to do so ....

  6. {Lots of good pelts that are not damaged by blade work, yay for channel!}
    Talmark will move further into the cave, making sure to keep enough distance from the remaining Gnolls that he'll get an attack of opportunity if they charge in.