Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 37


Malandir whispers, “I don’t like the idea of advancing beyond the passage to the east without clearing it. Perhaps it would be worth holding the junction and checking down the south eastern passage first. I’m happy to scout ahead so that the bone torch can be used to illuminate the passageway to the north for some distance.”

Per agrees with Malandir. “That side passage needs checking out.” He looks down upon the longbow strapped across his chest. He had been early awaiting the opportunity to upgrade his current bow and providence had supplied this excellent weapon. He rubs the hand grip, eager to use it in battle. 

They advance to the intersection. The bone torch, carried by Per, illuminates the corridor to the north and to the south east whilst the torch carried by Lucien lights the corridor behind them. 

Per tosses the torch about 30ft to the north. It reveals that the passageway opens up, possibly into a room. There is no sign of activity. However, to the south east Per and Talmark can hear considerable commotion.

Malandir moves up past Talmark and enters the south eastern corridor. Lucien’s torch only illuminates 10ft or so of that corridor and as Malandir creeps into the shadows his infravision kicks in and he is able to see clearly another 30ft down the corridor. It again bifurcates with a new branch heading off the north east, perpendicular to the south eastern corridor. 

Malandir, who speaks gnollish and knows some matters about their ‘culture’, can hear the excitable sounds of numerous gnolls. Two females are excitingly describing the ambush to others. As the others question the females, Malandir can distinguish at least three male and four female voices and the yelps of three pups, but there may be more. Malandir has Knowledge Local and Knowledge Dungeoneering and he knows that, from the echoie sounds coming from the north eastern passage that it probably opens out into a room and that room, judging from the number of voices and his knowledge of the way that gnolls act in sub terrain dens, is probably their main sleeping area. He suspects there are probably twice as many gnolls as he can hear. 

He can’t hear any noise coming from the passage that continues to the south east. 

He sneaks back to the party and, in hushed tones, tells them of what he has discovered. 

In the anticipation of a big fight about to happen, Kord pulls a scroll of Cure Light Wounds and heals Talmark by 7pts taking him back to full health. If they get into combat with the rest of the pack, Kord knows the party will need all the muscle it can muster.



  1. Malandir suggests that he initiate the attack on the gnolls with another sneak attack, followed by an assault by the hard hitters, Per and Talmark. Although we are outnumbered, another successful assault will drop several of the enemy and send them into disarray. Besides, our clerics haven't had the chance to use their channelling yet ...

  2. Of course, we should post guards at the main junction and where the passage continues south east ... do we attack?

  3. Per looks at Talmark and says with steely determination, "Let's do this. Lead on, Malandir. Talmark and I will cover you."

  4. "Woa there, just a moment. Let's cut down the chances of surprises of the non-fun type. Perhaps we should so the original north passage with caltrops after collecting the bone torch to slow down anything approaching from that direction. That way everyone can move down together and the rear guard can stay at this new junction. Puts us all closer in case aid is needed in one direction or the other. When this new fight starts we're going to need the bone light tossed into the chamber so we can see for our bloody-handed work.
    "Remember to double team whenever possible, and always protect your buddy's flank. Make that first shot a good one Malandir, dropping one of them with a single shot would be a great blow to their psyche. And be sure to leave enough room for Kord to work, he will probably be the greatest help in a this melee."

  5. Malandir is content with the plan, and suggests that he recover the bone torch as it gives him the chance to listen at the corner before he withdraws.