Thursday, 25 May 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 37e


Per shouts “We kill them! We kill them all! We sacrifice them to Asmodeus.”

Kord smiles, knowing that Per is definitely one of the faithful. 

But then Malandir yells to Per, “Wait” and then in gnollish he continues, “Drops yours weapons and tells mes everythings abouts yours tribes and this caves if yous hopes to lives!”

Per looks over his shoulder at the elf with a snarl. 

Malandir responds in common “I’m not trying to save them, just to know about what’s beyond both passageways and how many more pelts are available to collect, because yes, I am planning on skinning these gnolls!”

The female gnolls, cowering in the corner of the cave, closely watch the angry exchange between the two invaders but cannot understand them. 

Per looks back at the gnolls menacingly and pokes and shakes his glaive at them in a threatening manners and mutters “Ahhh, understood. I do like your thinking!”

Talmark moves up to support Per and to block the way for the gnolls should they either attempt to charge Per to try to flee from the cave. 

Kord tells Fremont to go back to the entrance of the room to keep communications open with the rest of the party. 

Malandir continues to interrogate the females and he finds that the passage to the north leads to a storage area and the one to the south east turns north east and heads towards where their King, his harem and two sons live. 

Malandir turns to Kord and nods. Kord gently approaches the females and then Channels Negative Energy, dispatching them. He bends down and picks up the bone torch, turns to the Per, Malandir and Talmark and asks “Ok, where too now? The storage area or the King?”. He pulls his last two remaining scrolls of cure light wounds and heals Per 8pts (Per is now back to 15pts, ie full health) and heals Talmark 8pts (Talmark is now back to 18pts, not quite his full strength of 20 hit points but pretty close). 

“That’s all the healing that I’ve got” he warns the fighters. DM’s Note – remember though that Lucien still has several scrolls and there are several potions of Cure Light Wounds amongst the party so there is still plenty of capacity to heal left.



  1. Malandir is keen to search the store, but perhaps they should exploit the surprise they've achieved and despatch thr gnoll king. Gnolls are easier to search, and skin, when they are dead.

  2. "Surprise has worked with wonder against these creatures. Gnolls are tough enemies, were we not blessed by our Infernal Master's gifts... well, lesser parties would not have fared as we have I am sure of it.

    "We are still in the blessing of or Master, destroying disorder and civilizing the area by culling the tribe -- I say we finish the task, not just cull, but eradicate them in haste, we can count spoils later.

    "Asmodeus has blessed these inspired tactics, we should continue I think. Gnolls rule though brutality and fear, so we should expect their leader to be especially hard-hitting. Not that we should be dissuaded, just be prepared for a brutal and harrowing fight ahead..."

    Lucien will drink potions of Shield of Faith and Expeditious Retreat just before the assault on the leaders begins to up his AC and his movement for 1min. He will time drinking his potion of True Strike for the round before he can attack with his spear - providing he can do it with provoking an AoO.

    With a MV of 50ft (10 squares) options should reveal themselves to maneuver into strike range. Lucien will favor ganging up on and taking out a wounded enemy completely over attempting to strike a fresh one.

  3. "Oh yes, to the King. And low shall his crown bring him..."

  4. "The Gnoll ruler's quarters are close. It is quite likely he and his have heard the battle, and while it is almost a certainty there is no elaborate trap awaiting, gnolls have a base cunning nature... murder holes in the walls manned by his kin with spears would be an easy defensive measure to watch for, tactics we would use - caltrops or oil to set alight underfoot, be alert."

  5. "Indeed. Malandir to scout ahead, wary of ambuscade. But not too far ahead. Bone torch at the ready, and all of our steel keen."

    Talmark will also be sure that his healing potion is handy, just in case.

  6. Malandir nods his assent and readies himself for another scouting task. Bow ready, arrow nocked, he will wait until everyone looks ready then set off slowly, listening and checking for traps and sounds .... anything that might suggest the enemy is ready for them...and anything that tells him they are not!

  7. Welcome back Rich. Good to see that you're recovering mate.

  8. Let's all celebrate with a gnoll slaughter!

  9. Yes, let's finish off this tribe of gnolls.