Saturday, 6 May 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 35a


Malandir is pleased with the way the party is fighting so well, and even happier that he has finished his longbow. With the mass of footprints and the heaps of bones, he feels that the gnolls may be quite numerous, so any scouting will have to be extra careful.

But it’s what he is there for, so he readies himself to enter the caves. When the others are ready, his first approach to the caves he will be to stand off 30' and listen for 10 minutes to ascertain if anything is just in the entrance. He will share whatever he suspects and if the coast seems clear will advance into the cave mouth, stop, look and listen again. He really doesn't want to have a bunch of angry gnolls surprise him away from the rest of the group!

Per moves to the front of the main party and readies his glaive as he prepares to follow Malandir.

Lucien looks down at his crossbow, "as much good as this thing has done me to date," he wryly mutters to himself, as he takes a spot in the middle of the group. 

Kord notes Lucien's frustration. The holy symbol of Asmodeus on the clerics cheek glows brightly as he chastises his mundane weapon.

Talmark takes his place next to Per, trying to leave room between for Malandir to fallback through if necessary. "Easy does it, Malandir. Don't get beyond our ability to be on the spot for backup within seconds..."

Talmark mutters quietly to his partners "Next time we come to these caves, we should bring more torches. Lots of torches. I mean, a LOT. Light everything up as we go along, leave a trail. It'll make it easier to get out in a hurry if we need to, as well as warning us of anything approaching from the rear."

Barret strikes a torch in preparation and Kord casts Light upon his shield. 

The party forms up with Malandir scouting in the van, Per and Talmark in the front rank, Fremont and Kord in the second, Clovis and Lucien in the third and Barret in the rear. 

Malandir approaches the cave and listens. [Check to see if Malandir can perceive any threat: Detect a creature that isn’t hiding DC0, distance to potential target 50ft at DC 2 per 10ft = +10. Total DC = 10. Malandir rolls 9 + 6 Perception = 15. He hears something. Check to see if the potential threat can perceive Malandir. Malandir Stealth roll = 11 + Stealth Skill of 7 + distance modifier of + 10 + being distracted modifier of +5 = DC 33. Monster roll 11 + Perception of 8 = 19. The monsters don’t detect Malandir. Note only if they’d rolled a 20 would they have succeeded]. 

Malandir can hear noises of monsters inside the cave. He estimates they are about 50ft or so in. He hears the following strange noises “Wooop, wop, wop, grrr……..woooop, wop, wop”. He takes a quick peak into the cave. The entry into the place is a small cavern. He cannot see the monsters and can only just see the exit of the first cavern. He cannot see any more without venturing into the cave. He thinks he can hear about ½ a dozen or so monster in some type of rough banter. The noises are somewhat incongruent and there might be more than one type of monster in there somewhere. The noises are coming from the passage to the west (note in the following graphic the distance between the party and Malandir has been truncated just to make it easier to fit everyone in. The party is actually further back). 



  1. Malandir will brief the party on what he has discovered. If everyone agrees, he could sneak up again,get in range, then shoot an arrow at one of the creatures before falling back as the group rushes in. Hopefully his first attack will drop one of the beasts.

    Mechanic note: if Malandir gets the drop on the creatures, is he the only one who acts in the surprise round and therefore could he get off two arrows before falling back? Im assuming that if he loses initiative, he could be rushed before he gets to shoot again and run.

    1. Yep you'll get an action during the surprise round (ie one shot if you fire) and then it'll be initiative. If they win....

      But you can choose to Snipe (see the Stealth rules on page 106). In fact I reckon that's a cracking option.

  2. Per agrees to the plan and hopes he fares better in the upcoming combat than he did against the lions.