Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 36b


The remaining, partially immobilised female is quickly dispatched with a series of arrows.
Per pats Talmark on the back and states “Well fought, Talmark.”

Talmark suggests “We should collect what caltrops we can, toss the Bone O’Light down the tunnel, and press on, watching for ambush points.”

Malandir agrees. “Great work Per and Talmark” the sneaky elf praises. “Let’s loot the bodies and then move on.”

So far, they have eliminated 2 hyenas (400xp each), 7 male gnolls (400xp each) and 3 female gnolls (135xp each). 

Upon their bodies they find:
·        Two master crafted composite longbow. It has a strength rating of +2. For anyone effectively using it, they will receive a +1 to hit (as it is master crafted) and +2 damage (due to the strength rating). You must have a strength of 14 or better to use it. Within the party only Talmark or Per may use it (Kord has the strength but is not proficient with martial weapons).
·        7 spears
·        3 small short bows
·        3 small short swords
·        23gp

Per and Talmark each take one of the composite longbows for the moment (as they are the only ones that can use them) and the party will decide later what to do with them. 

As they take the opportunity to get back into formation Kord casts Cure Light Wounds from a scroll upon the still heavily wounded Clovis and heals him up 5pts of damage taking him from 6 to 11 hit points. 

They do a quick check of consumables and prepare to move on (see consumable table below). 

The party picks up the bone torch, throws it 40 or so feet down the tunnel, waits and watches for anything and then advances and repeats the process. 

The passage is long. They repeat the process and throw the bone torch forward again.

The passage bifurcates with a new passage going to the south west appearing about 20 to 30ft away.



  1. Sorry that should have read - a new passage going to the south EAST.

  2. Malandir doesn't like the idea of advancing beyond the passage to the East without clearing it. Perhaps it would be worth holding the junction and checking down the SE passage first.... he is happy to scout ahead so that the bone torch can be used to illuminate the passageway north for some distance.

  3. Per agrees with Malandir. That side passage needs checking out. As an aside, he is happy to keep the longbow. A longbow was on his shopping list for when he got back to town, but he is delighted to have acquired a master crafted composite longbow for free.