Sunday, 7 May 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 35b


Malandir briefs the party on what he has discovered. They agree that he should sneak up again, get in range, then shoot an arrow at one of the creatures before falling back as the group rushes in. Hopefully his first attack will drop one of the beasts.

Per mutters that he hopes he fares better in the upcoming combat than he did against the lions. 

The party advances to within 20ft of the entrance to the cave. 

Malandir sneaks back into the cave and up to the entrance of the first cavern. He moves to the northern corner of the exit way and hides. He peers down through a short 10ft long tunnel into another cave. He can clearly see a gnoll and a hyena in the south eastern corner. Malandir speaks gnollish and he can understand what the gnoll is saying but it’s of little consequence. The gnoll is simply playing with the hyena, tugging at a stick with it. The sly elf can hear another few voices as well but they are outside the range of his infravision. 

Malandir readies his bow. He’ll attempt a sneak attack upon the gnoll, hoping to drop it with his first shot.  

He thinks he’ll have a better chance at taking down the gnoll and will shoot at it first. 

He lines up the shot and lets loose the arrow and hits the gnoll in the right shoulder. It’s an evil strike and hits a critical blood vessel. The gnoll looks down at the arrow sticking out of its shoulder as it takes 8pts of damage (ie D8 = 5 + D6 = 1 + 1 point blank range + 1 trait ambush training – Malandir is quite suited to ambush attacks). The monster is heavily wounded but not dropped. As it yelps in pain it alerts the others. 


Initiative Malandir d20 = 2 + 3 dex bonus = 5. This will be the party initiative once they join the combat. 

Initiative Gnolls d20 = 11 + 0 = 11 

The gnolls win initiative. 

They try to perceive where the shot has come from. 

It’s an opposed stealth vs perception check with a -20 modifier to Malandir being able to remain hidden. 

Malandir rolls a d20 for Stealth = 19 + 7 stealth skill + 4 for distance - 20 for ambush attack = DC 10 Perception check for the monsters. They roll d20 = 1 + 8 for their best perception skill = 9 and cannot see Malandir. 

The wounded gnoll and his hyena pet stand dumbfounded as they cannot see their assailant. 

Out of the inky darkness another gnoll and hyena appear. They move up towards the northern wall and then, unintentionally, out of line of sight of Malandir. 



  1. Curse your dice! That said, Malandir will shoot at the wounded gnoll before falling back to the party.

  2. would this be a good time to seed caltrops? we should spread ourselves a little so we dot interfere with line of sight and can maneuver into flanking positions better.

  3. Malandir hopes that any calteops will be sewn after he races back to the party as an unpleasant surprise for his pursuers!

  4. Using caltrops is an excellent idea... but not against Malandir. Let's wait until he gets out first.

  5. Agree. If he can get out before they catch him we should align ourselves in a U 2 spaces across with the open end toward the cave and toss some caltrops into the mouth so we can ambush them as they come out.That way all 6 of us could fight a maximum of 4 (if not just 2) at a time.

  6. I posted something earlier and it looks like it disappeared. not sure if DEW read it. I broke both my wrists Thursday -- surgety this Friday. DEW has permission to run Lucien as DMPC or leave him in the Burg untile I can type and contribute easier. I will still rewad and follow the blog. but verty hard to type.

  7. Kelly Ray, sorry to hear about your wrists - get well soon! At least in this game you don't have to roll the dice!!!

  8. Oh no! Dang man, dontcha know you're too old to skateboard?!?! Lol! I hope it all goes easy and not lasting damage or pain