Thursday, 18 May 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 37b


Malandir suggests that he initiate the attack on the gnolls with another sneak attack, followed by an assault by the hard hitters, Per and Talmark. “Although we are outnumbered,” he remarks, “another successful assault will drop several of the enemy and send them into disarray. Besides, our clerics haven’t had the chance to use their channeling yet.”

“Let’s not forget to post guards at the main junction where the passage continues south east,” Malandir adds.

Per looks at Talmark and says with steely determination “Let’s do this. Lead on, Malandir. Talmark and I will cover you.”

And then the veteran speaks up “Woa there, just a moment. Let’s cut down the chances of surprises of the non-fun type. Perhaps we should sow the original north passage with caltrops after collecting the bone torch to slow down anything approaching from that direction. That way everyone can move down together and the rear guard can stay at this new junction. Puts us all closer in case aid is needed in one direction or the other. When this new fight starts we're going to need the bone light tossed into the chamber so we can see for our bloody-handed work.

Remember to double team whenever possible, and always protect your buddy's flank. Make that first shot a good one Malandir, dropping one of them with a single shot would be a great blow to their psyche. And be sure to leave enough room for Kord to work, he will probably be the greatest help in this melee."

Malandir is content with the plan and suggests that he recover the bone torch as it gives him the chance to listen at the corner before he withdraws.

They all agree and Malandir advances to retrieve the bone torch. As he approaches the torch he listens but can’t hear anything. He cannot help himself and he edges just a bit closer and then, when he thinks it is safe, he pops his head around the corner for a quick peek. 

He sees a largish room, 20ft by 30ft. There is scattered rough furniture in the chamber with heaps of beding on the floor and several hides and pelts on the walls. He notices a door towards the western end of the northern wall and an opening to the west. 

Not wanting to chance his luck any further he comes back to the party and tells them that the north looks pretty clear although anything could be behind the door or to the opening to the west.
The party decide to press on with the plan. 

The bone torch is handed to Per and he covers it so as to not give away their position. Malandir sows the caltrops into the northern passage and then goes to the front of the party. Lucien stays at the back of the party so that his mundane torch doesn’t throw light too far forward. 

Malandir leads them down quietly the dark ally. 

At the signal Per throws the cover off the torch and the light illuminates down the hall and somewhat into the room. 

Malandir picks his target, a big male, and fires but the arrow doesn’t fly true. 

The rest of the party each get one action. 

Talmark and Per rush forward to block the exit from the room and they are quickly followed by Kord and Fremont. Per under hand tosses the bone light into the room. It reveals that there are 6 large male gnolls, 11 female gnolls, including the two that were wounded and had escaped the previous encounter, and 18 pups. 

Lucien, Barret and Clovis wait at the intersection to provide security for that junction and a place of reserve should the forward party need to retreat. 


Monster Initiative: d20 = 14 + 0 = 14

Party: d20 = 6 + 0 = 6

The gnolls win the initiative.



  1. Sorry guys I just ran out of time this morning and couldn't quite fit in the gnolls first initiative but I'll kick off the next session with that. You can still plan ahead though. Their tactic will be to rush Per and Talmark.

    And also I forgot to add the caltrops to the graphic but they are there and so I'll add them in the next session.

  2. {Uh-oh, them going first is going to hurt! Let's hope they're too befuddled to do much until Kord can blast them!}

  3. {say, was that one part of the cavern graphically different (like tumbled stone) on purpose because it is something different, or is it not important?}

    1. Hahaha - yes mate everything is important.

    2. Ok then, we will have to go back and take a closer look at that area! I wasn't sure if it was just graphics change to stave off monotony on your part, or if it were a cue that we missed.

    3. Sorry that's just me messing with you. Just a little bit of immaturity there. You are dead on the money. In this instance I just happen to find a bit of the graphics set which did a nice long corridor so I threw it in.

      Having said that though, the party should, where it thinks it is worth while, give me instructions that they are checking for traps or secret doors etc from time to time and I will, from time to time, include little hints when I'm doing the graphics.

      There is an element of how much time I do have. At the moment I'm a bit strapped, hence why there wasn't any furniture in the northern room, I simply didn't have time on the day to put it in. But in general I like to furnish the rooms and changes things up a bit.

    4. Ah, you cheeky monkey!
      No worries!

  4. Malandir curses his bow luck ... just when he needed to pull off a clean hit .... think he is carrying something that might have been helpful for that, but you can't nail every target first time and he will just have to wait for a chance to remind the gnolls what he can do with a bow!

  5. It is a shame we didn't win initiative. Ah well, these things happen. Per readies his glaive as he prepares to repulse the inevitable gnoll charge.

  6. Sorry - just been camping for a few days out in the bush and didn't have any power or internet connection. Back now. I'll get in a post this morning.