Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 37c



Monster Initiative: d20 = 14 + 0 = 14

Party: d20 = 6 + 0 = 6

The monsters win the initiative. The gnolls turn to face the party and immediately spring into their pack attack tactics. 

·        The first big male 5ft steps to the south west and attacks Per (a character doesn’t get an attack of opportunity when a creature 5ft steps). It stabs at Per with its deadly spear and misses.
·        The next male moves 10ft to the south east to attack Talmark and, as it does, Per gets an Attack of Opportunity, which he misses. The brute stabs at the evil fighter but also misses.
·        The pack moves as one as many of the females with their short bows begin to back up the males. Jockeying for position they fire 13 arrows at Per and Talmark (DM’s Note: The females behind the two males will each receive -4 to hit and the remainder will only hit on a natural 20 as they’ll have many negatives).
·        Six arrows are fired at Talmark and he is struck in the chest by one for 1pt of damage.
·        Seven arrows are fired at Per and he is also struck by one arrow, this time in the stomach for 3pts of damage.
·        Two of the males throw spears at Talmark but he is missed both times.
·        The last two remaining males throw spears at Per and he is also missed both times.
·        Talmark notes that the spears have been thrown with considerable force and should one hit he or Per will be heavily wounded.

·        Kord knows that Talmark and Per were lucky last time and that they cannot continue to sustain such a barrage of missiles. He yells to Malandir to take cover as he is about to Channel Negative Energy and can only protect three party members.
·        Malandir curses his bow luck, just when he needed to pull off a clean hit he missed. He takes a bead and prepares to fire one more arrow before retiring. He lines up the male opposite Talmark and fires but he misses. He redeploys to the west and joins Lucien, Clovis and Barret.
·        Kord 5ft steps to the south east to increase the range between himself and Lucien. He Channels Negative Energy. He is blessed by Asmodeus as he rolls a d6 and gets 6pts of damage. It is a DC 15 attack with a Will save for half. The males have a Will save of 0 and the females -1. The five males that are in range roll first for 6, 19, 18, 19, 2 and three save for 3pts and two fail and take the full 6pts of damage. The nine females in range roll next for 2, 10, 4, 11, 6, 4, 8, 4, 20, and 8 fail and 1 passes for half damage. It is a devastating attack and eight of the females slump to the ground, instantly slain.
·        Per stabs at the male with his glaive but fails to connect.
·        Talmark slashes at his opponent with Felldrac and hits him in the left leg, removing it from the fiends body as he delivers 13pts of damage, finishing the monster.

·        The gnolls have taken their first casualties (9 in total) but have not quite taken 50% with 10 left. They’ll need to take a morale check of 8 on 2d6. They roll 2 and will fight on.
·        The male opposite Per stabs at the fighter but fails to connect.
·        Four females fire arrows at Talmark. Only one is plucky enough to move closer to Talmark to get a better shot. Of the four, two have a clear shot although the fighter is in combat and as such they’ll only suffer a -4 to hit. The other two will need a 20. None find the mark and four arrows flash past Talmark into the wall behind him.
·        The remaining female fires at Per and also misses.
·        One of the north eastern males advances on Talmark. As he gets close Per reacts and gets an Attack of Opportunity with which he hits the beast in the chest. The glaive digs deep as he delivers 12pts of damage, dropping the monster.
·        The remaining north eastern male advances on Talmark and again Per reacts and he hits again, this time in the left shoulder. He shears off the monsters appendage as he delivers 16pts of damage. The gnoll, gripping it’s left stump, slumps to the ground and bleeds out dead.
·        Now one of the north western males advances on Talmark. As he does, Per again reacts but this time he misses the monster. The gnoll stabs wildly at Talmark and hits him in the stomach. The filthy spear penetrates his breast plate as it delivers 9pts of damage.
·        The last remaining male throws a deadly spear at Per but he misses.



  1. Sorry Talmark - I robbed you a bit there mate. I just realised you should have gotten a Cleave. Grrr. Too many things to remember.

    I'll make it up to you in a future round.

  2. Tim, it's an easy mistake to make. In the heat of battle things can very easily get overlooked or forgotten about. Believe me, been there, done that!

  3. No prob Tim, I'm just happy all I'm not a pincushion from all of those arrows!
    And good show Per, you're a real butcher! :)

  4. Negative channelling, how you still the horrid beating heart of the beast .... not so many of them now, are there? Malandir isn't happy with this new bow, tow shots dropped! Still, he feels on the cusp of unlocking new talent and skill, if only there were a chance to rest soon ....

    But for now, not all the enemy are dead and there is little he can do to influence the fight, so he will be ready with his bow in case anything comes from the North.