Thursday, 8 June 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 41c



·        Fremont will need to take a morale check for being wounded last round. He rolls an 8 and will fight on.
·        Lucien yells to Fremont and Clovis to 5ft step back as he is going to throw another bomb.
·        Fremont attacks the troglodyte to his front but misses. He steps back 5ft to the south west.
·        Clovis stabs at the troglodyte to his front. He slashes the beast across its left shoulder, badly wounding it as he delivers 7pts of damage. He steps back 5ft to the south west.
·        Lucien 5ft steps to the south west and throws another bomb which detonates upon the troglodyte that was previously to his front, delivering 5pts of damage to it and 2pts of damage to the monsters next to it.
·        Malandir maneuvers 30ft to the south east to a clear firing position upon the troglodyte to the rear. He fires an arrow at it but misses.
·        Per stabs at the troglodyte to his front and he slashes its chest, opening its rib cage and killing it instantly as he delivers 16pts of damage.
·        Talmark swings Felldrac at the troglodyte to his front but the combination of his sickness and the dim light means that he misjudges his attack and he narrowly misses the beast.
·        Lucien yells to Kord to Channel Negative Energy.
·        Kord Channels Negative Energy. He protects Talmark, Per and Barret but unfortunately Clovis is caught in the holy blast as is one of the southern troglodytes. He delivers 6pts of damage with a Wil save of 15 to take half damage. The troglodytes have a Wil save modifier of 0 and will need to roll 15. They roll 1, 8, 1 and 11 respectively and will all take 6pts of damage. Clovis also has a Wil save modifier of 0 and he rolls 15 and saves, just. He’ll take 3pts of damage. The combination of the splash damage from the bomb, the strike by Clovis and the negative energy channel by Kord kills one of the southern troglodytes.
·        Barret maneuverers to start to put a flank on one of the troglodytes. He stabs at it with his sword and critically hits it. The blade bites deep as it severs the monsters right arm and he delivers 16pts of damage. The monster drops to the ground dead. 


·        The troglodytes have taken 50% casualties and will need to take a morale check. They roll 7 on 2d6 against a morale of 8 and will fight on.
·        The southern troglodyte launches itself at 1=Barret, 2=Clovis, 3=Lucien, 4=Fremont, 5=Malandir, roll 3 = Lucien. It 5ft steps to the west and misses with a bite and a claw attack but hits Lucien in the left leg with its last claw attack. It is a minor wound however as it delivers only 3pts of damage.
·        The north western most troglodyte 5ft steps to the south and attacks Per but misses him three times.
·        The troglodyte in front of Talmark lashes on to his left shoulder with one of its claws delivering 2pts of damage. It misses with its other attacks.
·        The remaining troglodyte targets Kord but it cannot penetrate his holy armour. 



  1. Barret is doing good work this combat!
    Wonder if taking a little of that channel will turn Clovis into a believer...?

  2. Lucien will go total defense (no attack, +4 to AC) while directing the men at arms to surround and flank the beast - "Take this abomination down!"

    Reinforce our northern party members afterwards.

  3. Per will attack the Troggie who is directly in front of him, hoping he will be just as successful at killing him with one blow as the previous Troggie he slew.

  4. I'm a bit rusty on Pathfinder rules ... can Malandir draw his sword as a move action, take a 5' step to a flanking position on the trog, and make an attack that round? Archery isn't working very well, and he would give the flanking bonus to other party members ....

  5. Rules as written, drawing a weapon during a MV action is allowed, but he would have to drop his bow to draw his sword. Changing readied weapons takes more actions than dropping and drawing a new one.

  6. Ok, looks like that is what Malandir will do, drop the bow and close with his longsword to grant flanking bonuses