Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 0b

And the first character emerges.....

Lucien Sarkovich Ivanik Daichon von Ulanoch
(of the East Rikkan von Ulanoch's)

6ft 2in, 200lbs, short cropped black hair, close cropped goatee, handsome, but not overly so.  Third son in a minor noble family with standing; very aware of his station and position as a high-born worthy of deference by his lessers.  Additionally is a Barrister of some talent and a bit haughty and high-minded when it comes to his profession.  Personally seeks opportunities to engage in written contracts for  agreements and transactions that are beyond just normal daily living.  Makes the case that it is matter of obedience to his faith.  Has a light pentagram birthmark on his left cheek.  Uses his full name to introduce himself, but “allows” himself to be addressed Lucien von Ulanoch.

  • Personal morale.  Lucien is not courageous, but feels the weight of his noble birth and faith -- He will fight unto death if there are others of his faith around to witness as he feels he must set the example, but if not witnessed by others of his faith, he will run if in dire straits.  Lucien may connive a way to rid himself of the witness later, depending.
  • Key hates or likes.  Has a keen distaste for the dirt-poor, half-breeds and those that create them.. (tieflings, dhampirs half-orcs & half-elfs and their parents.)
  • Interacting with non-party members.  Will start off as distantly polite or diplomatic depending if he wants something.  At a hint of insult, Lucien will mark that person for retribution.  Never lets a slight go unpunished.
  • Combat or spell strategy.  Lucien is well aware his role is support, and will seek to let others take the lead in melee and act in support of their actions.  If faced with mass enemies that seem fairly strong, he will cast Doom. Otherwise, if he is going into melee, he casts Shield of Faith and seeks to Aid Another for either defensive or offensive depending on the abilities of the ally or how bad off they look. Lucien is free with his curatives towards believers and any who help him and his cause. If it is during down time, he might pose a question about the Asmodean faith before casting, testing them on their knowledge of his god, and supply the answer and tell them to remember it for the next time.
  • Treatment of doors. Listen first, pick the lock if someone can do that, then boom if that is not an option.
  • Party formation.  Middle.
  • General demeanor.  Lucien is observant, serious and unless he sees the need for using his skills as a Barrister to gain the advantage, is direct with no time for small talk (as a noble-born should be with his lessers.)
 Summary character sheet below. 


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