Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 5e

Day 3 – Cragmaw Caves


·        Talmark stabs his sword into the ground next to him. He picks up the body of the goblin leader and hurls it towards the remaining goblins shouting in goblinoid (which surprisingly he knows), “Vee are zee righteousness zat stalks zee land and vee have kome for youz! Submit and surrender or follow your leader into death!”.

[Goblin Accent: Swap W with V, WH with V, TH with Z or S, V with F, C with K, words ending in ING = INK’ or EN and occasionally just add a Z for the fun of it (like after a word ending in U)]

·        Talmark is attempting to intimidate and demoralize a goblin. The DC of the check is 10 + target HD + Wis modifier. If successful, the target is Shaken for 1 round. This increases by 1 round for every 5 by which the DC is beaten. +4 to check if larger than the target. A shaken figure get -2 to attack, saving throws and skill checks. The roll to be successful will be 10 + 1 dh -1 Wis – 4 size – 4 skill = 2. Talmark rolls a 6 and one of the goblins is shaken for 1 round. If Talmark takes the Dazzling Display feat when he gets the opportunity he will intimidate all foes within 30ft, but none the less he has Shaken one of the goblins. A “S” shaken marker is placed upon the northern most goblin.
·        Lucien smiles inwardly to himself. He knew he was correct in his assessment of Talmark. When the fight is over, he’ll offer Talmark some healing. His lips curl and his grip on his spear tightens as he silently mouths encouragement to the hirelings and Kord “Yes…..finish them…”. He quickly checks over his shoulder into the cave for a rear guard or straggler charging out, ready to sound the alarm so the party may not be caught unawares.
·        “Don’t let any of them escape” yells Kord as he swipes at the goblin to his front with his heavy mace. The weapon smashes into the puny goblins stomach as it takes 4pts of damage.
·        Freemont nods as he steps 5ft to the north to stop any avenue of escape from that direction. He stabs at the goblin in front of him and hits it in the chest. The spear point sinks deep and the goblin takes 8pts of damage. It slumps to the ground dead.
·        Per stabs at the goblin to his front but misses the tricky foe.
·        Stein steps 5ft to the east to block any possible easy escape route from the eastern most goblin. He stabs at the little beast but his shot is woefully wide.
·        Barret stabs at the middle goblin with his spear but misses.
·        Clovis stabs at the eastern most goblin and hits it in the stomach for 6pts of damage. The goblin slowly slumps to the ground dead. Clovis takes a 5ft step to the north to get into a flanking position on the remaining goblin.


The goblin fights on but he is quickly surrounded and stabbed to death by the men at arms.

After the fight Sildar stands and thanks the party profusely for saving him. He says that he is a warrior but was captured by the goblins some time ago and they have starved and abused him, practically to death. Sildar is a brother warrior of Irori and was travelling to the Burg to further serve the church and his martial studies. He was however captured by the goblins along the way.

He tells the party that it is actually Klark, the bugbear, who leads the goblin band, not Yeemik who was rather just a 2ic. Sildar has heard from the goblins that the Black Spider sent word that the dwarf was to be bought to him. Sildar doesn’t know who or what the Black Spider is nor the dwarf. Sildar believes that the dwarf has been sent by Klark to the chief at Cragmaw Castle. Sildar wants to get to the Burg as soon as possible and will pay the party 50gp should they deliver him there.

After they confer with Sildar the party check their status. Most of the men are wounded but only lightly.

Lucien sets one of the men to start searching the bodies of the goblins and to cut off their ears. They find another 5 small short swords and a small long sword and a total of 4gp. They now have a total of:
-        7 small short swords
-        1 small long sword
-        2 small short bows
-        8 goblin ears and 3 goblin dog ears
-        7gp of coin
-        A promise of 50gp of coin for delivering Sildar to the Burg.

Whilst they are getting back into order Talmark turns to Lucien and suggest that perhaps they should try to demoralize the enemy, maybe get them to surrender and they could capture them and take them back to the Burg to sell off as slaves or to use them as our own slaves or to help us to track the other group to the south.

Lucien says “Ohh I think they’ll serve us better the way they are, dead and convertible to gold. We don’t need to attract undue attention of the Irorians by making slaves or selling slaves around the Burg just yet. And when the time comes, goblins as a race make very poor slaves indeed.

Kord nods in agreement with Lucien’s argument and adds “And they are a lawless lot. No good at following rules. Best dead. Maybe in the future we can use slaves but now we cannot manage them.”

Talmark grabs the head of Yeemik. “Well at least I can use this to intimidate this Klark. This next fight sounds like a good challenge for Felldrac!”



  1. {Talmark's thoughts: if we have enough healing he wouldn't mind pressing on, as if they leave now it will give the remaining enemy time to reinforce or set traps. However, he is also keenly aware of the offer to return Sildar and 50gp is a pretty penny at this stage of the game...}

    After looking everyone over Talmark says:
    "Sildar, how many enemy do you think remain in these caves? And based on what you have seen of us so far, do you think we could take them without dire effort? And you mentioned Cragmaw Keep, sounding as though it were occupied. We had heard that it was empty and given over to animals and nuisance critters. Can you tell us more on this?"

  2. Lucien will use a scroll to heal Talmark, no matter if we go back or go on. After looking over the wounds on the Men at Arms, he feels that there will be a need to step up and get into the mix himself after all; most of the hirelings are but a strike away from becoming a liability.

    ((Lucien is not keen on wasting a healing scroll on Sildar, despite the offer of gold, he is still an Irorian; but if Kord and Talmark bring it up, he will not give resistance and will read it off, strengthening Sildar.))

  3. [can't get a post in today but I can post a note]

    Sildar looks at Talmark and says "I think there's about a dozen of them all up and then there's Klarg. I'd say that you've killed 1/2 of the tribe already."

    Kord turns to Lucien his deep resonating voice calms the mood "Lucien, save your scroll for later. I've prepared a healing spell which I'll use on Talmark."

    Taking Lucien by the elbow Kord leads hims away from the men at arms "I care not for these mercenaries. I say we only heal them if we absolutely need too. I've got 2 scrolls and I think you've got a few too. Let's save them for darker times. Let's kill this Klarg today and loot these caves for all we can get."