Thursday, 2 February 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 0c

And the party continues to grow.

Cord is a pale, slightly built human. He has decorated his body with tattoos representing his faith. He has spent time in the military learn martial skills as well as in the church learning his holy calling. Embodied with the power of Asmodeus he wields fire and trickery equally. More recently he has been disappointed in the ability to rely upon hirelings and even the faithful to carry out his commands and he is beginning to develop a philosophy that those in death more faithfully serve than those in life.
Personal morale. Cord is pragmatic. He will fight hard to protect party members and those that are part of the faith but less so for others. He will assess the combat and should it look like the party will be annihilated he’ll look at ways to get out and save as many party members as he can.
Key hates or likes. Cord hates those that don’t obey or honor respect. Those with either a chaotic or neutral alignment, those who don’t obey the laws (or what Cord considers to be the laws) and those of a lesser station who don’t obey him (eg a hireling) will be judged.
Interacting with non-party me members. Cord is openly courteous with those that he doesn’t know, preferring to use tact (diplomacy) and guile (bluff) rather than intimidation (intimidation).  However he is vengeful and will scheme against and malign those who stand in his way of achieving his goals and or who have wronged him.
Combat or spell strategy. Cord has been blessed by Asmodeus with considerable magical abilities and will use them. If outnumbered he will use Selective Channeling and Channel Negative Energy to weaken his opponents. Firebolt, Burning Hands and Cause Fear are all favorite spells to weaken individual foes. If in hand to hand combat he will use Copycat to increase his stamina and avoid being hit. He will use Cure Light Wounds, including scrolls, to heal party members with a preference for healing those of the faith.
Treatment of doors. Listen and then boom. Get someone else to check for traps, preferably a non-believer.
Party formation. Middle. Cord isn’t a front line fighter but he is a great support party member with considerable ability to weaken foes from the middle ranks.
General demeanor. Serious. Cord doesn’t joke and he’s on a mission. Whilst he is courteous with strangers he is focused on achieving bring the lands under his, err, Asmodeus’ control. 

Summary character sheet for the party is below. 

CF = Class Feature
F = Feat
S = Skill and the first number is the total skill level (after modifiers such as armour penalty check), the second number is the skill ranks invested and the * represents that it is a class skill. 
T = Trait


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