Sunday, 19 February 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 5h

Day 3 – Cragmaw Caves


·        Stein takes a morale check. He needs to roll a 1 or more. He rolls a 5 and will fight on.
·        Lucien calls for Fremont and Stein to aid Kord and Talmark and tells Clovis, Barret and Per to follow him. Lucien and the band run around to the creek bed in all haste.
·        As Lucien starts to martial the men at arms to move Kord yells out to him, "I'll Channel Negative Energy a few times whilst you move about. Soften them up a bit. I'll try to make sure everyone is clear but be careful."
·        Lucien, Per, Clovis, Barret and Sildar double move back down the tunnel. Sildar and Barret move towards the back of the group as they are the most wounded.
·        Kord Channels Negative Energy. He can protect three beings from the energy so he naturally protects Fremont, Stein and Talmark. The negative energy reaches out 30ft in all directions striking all within range for 1d6 = roll of 6ptds of damage unless they make a DC15 Will save for half damage. All the goblins, the wolf and Klarg are in range. The goblins have a Will save of -1 and thus need a roll of 16. They roll, from the north eastern down to the southern, 17, 15, 16, 18, 6, 10. Half of the goblins are instantly killed. The wolf has a Will save of +1 and needs to roll a 14 or more. It rolls 12 and takes the full 6pts of damage. Klarg has a Will save of +1 and needs to roll a 14 or more. He rolls 17 and takes ½ damage. 
·        Talmark lashes out with Felldrac and misses again (that is one lucky little goblin).


·        Having taken their first casualties the monsters must take a morale check against Klark’s morale which is 9. They roll 8 on 2d6 and will fight on.
·        The north eastern goblin grits his teeth and draws down his bow against 1-3 Stein, 4-6 Kord, roll = 4 = Kord. He lets loose an arrow but it bounces harmlessly off Kord’s armour.
·        The two goblins to the front of Talmark stab at him in desperation. The first draws blood as he stabs Talmark in the right thigh for 3pts of damage. The second misses.
·        Klarg pushes his pet wolf up into the second rank.


·        Clovis starts to move off towards the goblins but Lucien stops him. “Wait I need to cast a spell first”, the cleric commands, “and in any case Kord will probably double Negative Energy on the goblins.”
·        Lucien casts Shield of Faith which will improve his AC by 2 for the next minute (ie 12 rounds).
·        Kord Channels Negative Energy and does 3pts of damage unless the opponents can save for ½. The goblins roll 17, 12 and 5, the wolf rolls 19 and Klarg rolls 15. Two of the goblins fall dead.
·        Talmark 5ft steps over the corpses of the two dead goblins and brings down his two handed sword against the wolf. It’s a deadly blow as the big blade bites deeply into the wolf’s right shoulder for 17pts of damage. The wolf drops dead.
·        Stein moves forward to be at Talmark’s side and Fremont moves up to occupy Talmark’s previous position.


·        The monsters have taken 50% casualties and must take another morale check. The roll 4 on 2d6 and will fight till the end.
·        The goblin draws down on Kord and fires an arrow which misses the evil priest.
·        Klarg 5ft steps to the north west and attacks 1-3 Talmark, 4-6 Stein, = 6 = Stein but the beast swings wide and misses the lucky man at arms.


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