Sunday, 5 February 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 0d

Talmark is a large and angry young man. For years he trained and squired for his father, a mid-ranked landed Knight, seeing war and having to fight on several occasions. Though his family had a large armory his Father almost always fought with a longsword and shield even though he always took their families ancestral greatsword "Felldrac" wherever he traveled. It was this weapon Talmark was usually left to fight with, gaining much skill in its' use over time.  When his father was maimed while losing a non-sanctioned duel with a higher-ranked knight their family was stripped of their lands as decreed by the laws of Asmodius and Cheliax, keeping only what they had on their persons at the time of the duel. Talmark was left with just a few coins and "Felldrac" and a burning desire to have his own lands that no one could take from him ever again. His father succumbed to his injuries and his mother returned to live with her family with his younger siblings while Talmark fought in a few tournaments in order to better equip himself. In very short order he was prepared to take on the future, and Talmark went in search of a place of his own to shape or take.

Pesonal Morale: Talmark believes in heroism as well as loyalty and will defend "weaker" party members with is life. He will generally only flee if that is the best course of action in order for his friends to survive.

Key Hates of Likes: As a squire Talmark was taught about respect and that honor is not all that it is cracked up to be, often being the road to a quick and meaningless death. He will not suffer fools and usually repays the dishonest in kind. He respects those with power and the ability to use wield it effectively, especially in combat. Though he is a follower of Asmodius he is not a zealot and will treat any proselytizer with patience, to a point. He likes people of action and despises those who do nothing when they should.  He finds the undead un-natural and a bit disgusting, but if they were once warriors and can continue to "soldier on" he will be positive.

Interacting with non-party members:  Polite but skeptical until he has a better read on the person.  Liars, users, and the disrespectful will be treated with disdain and maybe even a little brutality.

Combat strategy: Talmark is a front line fighter that will wade in without hesitation, though he is not fool-hearty. If he can start out with a bow shot or 2 he will, then engage with the Greatsword. One-on-one he will seek to defeat his opponent quickly and decisively, using Power Attack to put down easy to hit opponents and the occasional Feint action on others. When in contact with more than 1, Cleave comes into play. He will reserve his Oil Of Magic Weapon only on deserving opponents.

Treatment of Doors: Talmark is always wary of ambushes, as he would use them himself, so he will listen to doors before attempting to open them. If someone can pick a lock or check for traps he will always allow that option first. No sense in just blundering in...

Party Formation: At the front.

General demeanor:  Talmark is usually pleasant with people he knows, and neutral but respectful with those he does not... until they give him reason to be otherwise and his anger kicks in. He likes a good joke as much as the next guy, but he is not silly as he sees himself as being a conqueror, and they are usually the serious type.


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