Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53g


Per says, "I'm all for searching the north passage first. It is the nearest to where we are. Do we have any booby traps we could lay behind us? Say, caltrops, perhaps. Just to give us some warning if anyone approaches from the other two passages."

Talmark speaks in a low voice, "I personally would like Malandir to give a peek around the corner to each option, just to be sure there aren't any hostiles lurking in the immediate vicinity that could cut off our exit. Then head down the northern option."

Lucien offers a smug opinion, "I'd think if there were any lurkers, they would have capitalized on surprising us," he motions to the large, hairy, earless corpses, "I am suitably convinced only the dead beasts here know of our penetration hereabout. I am for scouting the north passage."

Malandir nods thoughtfully. “It would not take me long to scout a short distance along the other two passages before we head north. That way we would know what lies in that direction, as well as checking for the unlikely event of other hostiles being close. I would have thought the sound of battle would have drawn them in.”

"Caution, friend Lucien," says Talmark. "For every situation, its own tactic. Our charge was successful, though foolhardy, and we survived and retrieved our charges. Our methodology has proven sound previously in clearing caves, let's not get overconfident just yet."

They quieten down and wait as Malandir explores the cave. 

In only a few minutes he comes back. 

The northern corridor splits into two corridors, one that goes west and one that goes east,” informs the elf. “I can’t hear any noise coming from that direction. The eastern tunnel that goes north also turns to the east after about 40ft. Again, I cannot hear any noise from there. The eastern tunnel that goes south however, we’ll that’s a different story. It goes south for about 30ft and then it opens up into a room. In the room there is a long table, some chairs and bedding, a running fire and some bugbears. Looks like two males and three females. I didn’t stick around too long to see what they were doing but rather just came straight back.”

[DM’s note: Malandir auto detects the bugbears as they are in line of sight and aren’t hiding. The DC for the bugbears to see Malandir is roll d20 = 6 + 8 stealth + 6 for distance + 5 for creatures being distracted = 25. Bugbears roll 9 + 8 = 17 < 25 and don’t detect Malandir].

“Why didn’t the bugbears come to the aid of their fellows in the fight?” asks Lucien.

“Distance and distraction,” replied Malandir. [DM’s note: The distance between the two rooms is 100ft or 20 DC modifier +5 for the monsters being distracted -10 for hearing the sound of battle. It’s a total DC of 15. I rolled each round during the battle but the party was lucky.]



  1. I wouldnt want to leave five enemies at our backs. I think we should deal with the second group of bugbears while we have the advantage...it can only be a matter of time before one or more of them discover what we have done here.

  2. I would make sure the passage at your back have caltrops. Great battle so far good luck for the next round...

  3. With this new intelligence, Per reconsiders his previous choice and states, "It would seem to be prudent to deal with the five bugbears that Malandir has spotted. They are distracted and unaware of our presence. Now is surely the time to attack when we have the element of surprise on our side."

  4. "As I said, if there were lurkers, they would have attacked. The prudent route is of course for us to capitalize on these new developments..." Lucien's half-hearted rationalization an obvious attempt at saving face.

    "We should definitely seed the other opposing approach with caltrops, it would not be much effort to brush them aside with a cloak or blanket after we defeat this latest clutch of bugbears."

    Lead with bolts & arrows? Sneak in as far as we can and charge straight to melee? Lure them out with some form of distraction (Lucien has one hell of a Bluff and speaks goblin.)

  5. {Thanks Gary!}
    "My worry is that room might be larger than Malandir could perceive without being detected. There could be another gong in there and if we can't win speedily we might find ourselves in trouble. Maybe we just blitz them, though quietisly. I'm sure our men-at-arms would like to get some payback licks in."

  6. "Just to check the plan," Kord asks, "we'll place caltrops to our north and then we'll rush the bugbears? Try to get as many of us in there as quickly as we can and overwhelm them with numbers? Try to sneak as far as possible, see if we can get amongst them before they can react."

    I think the way that'll work is that we'll move down the passage way in rounds at 20ft (ie our slowest members) and they'll do a perception check against our stealth. If they discover us then we'll go to rounds if not then we'll get another round of sneaking up on them. They'll be over 20ft away so it'll take 2 rounds to get into them.

  7. Sneak until we can charge them. And when we charge, don't do it screaming. Just rush in and slay the daylights out of them.