Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53o


"Shall we seed the area before that silent door with caltrops before taking on what sounds like the Chief?” enquires Lucien. “I'd hate to get flanked by more bugbears without having some sort of hindrance on them. Perhaps coat the area with oil and have myself and Clovis standing by with Alchemical Fires to toss out if any exit? It would take us out of the coming fight, but for good reason, if that may be a champion or a group in there."

Lucien hopes it will all be for naught, but steels himself for the worst.

Lucien breaks out a scroll of Shield of Faith, mumbling to himself about meaning to cast that earlier, but good fortune, it would have been wasted as things worked out. He wants to ensure if he is held in reserve to act as some sort of holding force that he is well protected.

"Using the caltrops again is a wise precaution," Per states. "When we're ready, I say we pay the male and female a visit. With luck, the male will be their leader and we'll catch him unawares."

"Yes, the Chief first” agrees Talmark. “I'd hate to take on any others but then be hurt for the showdown. Better to take him out first, then if we have to leave before finishing the clearing their next leader will be much weaker than this fellow sounds. Kord, please give him a good blast of Asmodeus' power. Let him feel HIS wrath before he feels our steel!"

And that seals the plan. 

Malandir, Kord, Talmark and Per advance to the western door. Malandir seeds the eastern door with caltrops and then gets back into formation. On the pre-arranged signal, Lucien casts Shield of Faith upon himself as Talmark and Per try to boom the door. 

The door is a simple wooden door which is locked (DC15 with 10hp and a Hardness of 5 – see page 413 of the Core Rule Book). Talmark and Per have had mixed results attempting to break a door of that nature but considerably more success in hacking their way through. As per page 173 of the Core Rule Book to attempt to Smash an object is an automatic hit with a slashing or bludgeoning weapon on an inanimate object if you use a full round action. 

Per and Talmark line up their shots. Talmark does 12 – 5 hardness = 7pts of damage to the door. Per also does 12 – 5 hardness = 7pts of damage. The door shatters under the assault of their blows. 
As the door comes down they stare across the room at a tough old bugbear, who is obviously the Chieftain, and a massive female, easily the size of a normal male, who is his mate. 


·        Kord immediately Channels Negative Energy for 2pts of damage. It’s a DC 14 Will save and the bugbears have a Will save modifier of +1 and will need to roll a 13 or better to pass. They roll 8 and 3 and both take 2pts of damage.
·        Malandir fires an arrow at the flat footed Chief and he just hits the monster in the right shoulder. The arrow buries deep into his opponent as it deals 13 points of damage. (14/19)
·        Talmark charges the Chief hoping to take him out of the fight and then to cleave into the female. His strike leaves a wound slick with gore as he delivers 11pts of damage. However, cleaving into the female he cannot keep his balance and misses. (13/21) (3/11)
·        Per charges the male, hoping to finish him off but he is unable to connect against the wily old general. (5/13)
·        Kord calls up Lucien and the reinforcements, just in case something emerges from the other door. They move up the corridor 20ft to the aid of their comrades.


Party initiative roll = 6 + 0 = 6
Bugbear initiative roll = 14 – 1 = 13

·      Baroret the Cruel takes the lead as he swings his massive morning star at 1-3 = Per, 4-6 = Talmark, roll = 6 = Talmark. He bashes Talmark’s defences aside with overwhelming strength allowing his weapon to dig in without mercy as he delivers 21pts of damage. He immediately directs the female to attack Per. (17/25)
·       The female hefts her weapon at Per but Per dodges the deadly blow. (6/11)



  1. Since Lucien is unawares Talmark is out of the fight, he stays put, handing Barret an Alchemists Fire and readying his own, preparing for the worst.

    1. Rich I think Kord would yell out that Talmark is down at the start of the round as a free action so you can act as if Lucien is award of the situation if you like.

    2. Lucien will hand over his Alchemist Fire to Clovis and direct Fremont to have the men move up 10ft and toss the alchemist fire at any enemies at 10ft distance.

      He will double move (40ft) to Talmark's south, yelling a challenge when he gets there, "Come for me and taste death, spawn of a dung heap!" hoping to draw the female into attacking him vice delivering a coup de gras on Talmark.

      He will engage in melee, hoping for Per and Malandir's support.

  2. Per will show the two Bugbears no mercy as he readies his glaive to cleave them in two. "This is for Lucien!" he screams as he attacks.

  3. (((oh noes, down I goes...))) *gurgle*

  4. Ouch,that is a hard hitting bugbear! Just one more arrow will end his threat!

  5. The suspense is killing me. Literally!