Thursday, 3 August 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53i



·        Grunting at the pain, Per 5ft steps to the east and attacks the female bugbear to his front but she is able to duck under his blow. (3/9)
·        Talmark knows he is in dire straits but hopes he can rely on his fellows healing him when they can while he continues the fight. There is no room to back peddle so he presses his attacks, swinging first at the big male with a slanting right downstroke. He catches him in the shoulder, almost killing him as he delivers 12pts of damage. Swing Felldrac back he tries to catch the female as well but, unbalanced from his first attack, he misses her. He calls Barret up to join the front line. (15/21) (1/7)
·        Barret dutifully 5ft steps to the south west and attacks the male. His scything blade chases down his opponent and reaps its soul as he delivers 7pts of damage. (19/20) (6/7 which doesn’t confirm the potential critical hit)
·        Lucien moves forward into the space Barret leaves and pulls out his last Cure Light Wounds Scroll for Talmark, "Kord, heal Per whilst I heal Talmark - strengthen them with Infernal Power!" The spell fills Talmark with renewed strength as it heals back 5pts of damage.
·        Malandir has been waiting for a fleeting moment in the fight where he can best shoot an arrow between his comrades to strike at one of the females. Seizing upon the opportunity he 5ft steps to the south west to the position previously occupied by Lucien and fires an arrow. The arrow flies straight and true and hits the female in the stomach for 8pts of damage. (12/17) [DM’s Note: Given the amount of tunnels that the party fight through I show a little leniency to the rules for shooting and don’t apply the penalty for the first lot of cover when firing into combat. Rules as written say that you pay a -4 penalty for shooting into combat and -4 for cover. When firing into a combat that normally results in -8 if shooting from the second rank, -12 from the third rank etc. Malandir has the Precise Shot feat and hence doesn’t pay the -4 for shooting into a combat and in this instance there is only one rank, for which no penalty has been applied]
·        Fremont pushes past Kord and attacks the female that has been just wounded by Malandir. It’s a masterful stoke in efficiency. Perfectly balanced to just bring down the female without an over exertion as he delivers 4pts of damage. (20/21) (3/4 which doesn’t confirm the potential critical hit)
·        Kord reaches out and, using his second last scroll of cure light wounds, heals Per for 5pts of damage.

Copy of current consumables, after this round, is provided below.


·        Having taken 50% casualties, the bugbears need to check morale again. They roll 6 on 2d6 against a morale of 9 and will fight on.
·        The female directly to the south of Per will attack 1-3 Fremont, 4-6 Per, roll = 3 = Fremont. She slashes wildly at the man at arms but misses her opponent. (6/10)
·        The female directly to the south of Talmark will attack 1-2 Barret, 3-4 Talmark, 4-6 Fremont, roll = 6 = Fremont. The devilish bugbear also decides to pincer attack the man at arms and stabs at him wildly with her long sword but her blows go wide. (1/5)


·        Kord yells, “Press the attack, finish them!!!” and he urges Fremont on with a gentle push to the back.
·        Fremont 5ft steps to the south, between the two bugbears, and attacks the female to his west. He’s got the female flanked against Barret but still his swing goes wide. (7/10)
·        Per 5ft steps to the south east to flank the eastern female. He stabs at her with his glaive and his clever underhanded jab drives deep into his foe causing 19pts of damage, instantly killing her. (17/25)
·        Talmark 5ft steps to the south west to take a flanking position upon the remaining female. His tactical maneuver takes all by surprise allowing him to bring down his opponent with an unorthodox chop as he delivers 17pts of damage. (14/22)

As party quickly gather the spoils of the battle Malandir listens for any interception.   

The party collects 5 sets of ears, 2 morning stars, 3 long swords and 34gp. In the room are bed rolls, a long table, water pail, fire and boxes of food stuffs such as meal in the north west corner. Copy of summary of the party treasure is provided below.  

Suddenly Malandir signals for the party to quieten as he spots a female bugbear approaching from the northern corridor.



  1. It is probably too late to move the bodies without notice. "Best set up an ambush. Kord, Lucien, has Asmodius granted either of you spells for holding a creature in place?"
    Talmark downs one of his Curative potions before stepping to the side of the tunnel mouth, sword at the ready.

  2. Malandir wants to use his opportunity to fire unimpeded at this new foe before she is aware he is there. If the arrow does not drop her, one hit from his companions will finish the task.

  3. Lucien whispers, "Talmark, I am out of healing scrolls for this venture. You'll have to imbibe potions from here on," as he pulls out his concoctions in preparation to mix and make an alchemical bomb to toss if she gets within range (20ft.)

  4. "Just thought of a quick plan! Kord, walk across the room casually so she sees you. Walk until you are out of view without acknowledging her presence. Hopefully she will come running and ignore the bodies on the ground and we can thwack her quickly!"

  5. Kord nods, "That sounds like a great plan."

  6. Per likes this plan and readies his glaive whilst staying out of sight.

  7. Sorry guys just been traveling a lot lately and I can't get any decent time on a PC. I should be able to get something happening tomorrow.