Thursday, 10 August 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53k


Per is disappointed that he didn’t get to kill the bugbear but respects Talmark for eliminating her so quickly and efficiently. He nods in appreciation at his colleague and Talmark nods back, two warriors acknowledging each other’s skill at arms.

Lucien says, "What say all? Ready to advance along our normal order? The best eyes up front, Malandir?"

With an efficient gesture Malandir signals he is content to push on and willing to scout ahead.

Talmark looks at the state of the party. "How many curative potions do we have left?” he asks. “The men at arms and myself are all a bit dinged up. A solid hit and I may go down, hard. I'm all for slaying more of these foul jerks, but only if we think we are able."

The party checks their resources and find that Talmark has two Cure Light Wounds potions and Lucien has one. Kord has one scroll of Cure Light Wounds. 

Talmark drinks the first potion which heals him 8pts taking his health back from 9 to 17 out of 20. He decides to keep the last potion for an emergency. He orders the men at arms to remove the ears and search the body of the female bugbear upon which they find a long sword but no coins. 

A quick check of party resources shows the following:

A check of party loot and wealth shows the following:

Lucien indicates that he would prefer that the party scout where the female was coming from the north. 

They discuss tactics for a moment and decide that as a party they will advance to the intersection and Malandir will scout from there. That way if they need to exit the cave system they’ll be closer to it and also they’ll be closer to Malandir should he need the support. They’ve got no idea what is in the immediate eastern and western corridors and so this will put a little distance between them and those possible danger areas as well.

Malandir creeps forward. He is glad once he clears the light of the party and he’s enveloped in darkness once again, although he knows that it’s no protection against the infravision of the bugbears. 

As he advances up the corridor he sees that it turns to the right. Peering around the corner he sees a door about 10ft away. He slinks up to the door and listens.  

Perception check roll = 10 + 7 skill – 5 listening through a door = 12 which exceeds the DC of 0 of hearing a conversation (see 102 of the Core Rule Book). Malandir can hear some monsters talking behind the door. 

Checking for the monsters perceiving Malandir, roll = 13 + 8 skill – 5 listening though a door – 5 being distracted = 11 vs Malandirs stealth roll of 17 + 8 skill = 25. The monsters don’t perceive Malandir. 

Putting his ear to the door Malandir can hear a large number of bugbears having various conversations of little consequence. He estimates that there are 12 or so bugbears. It sounds like they are mainly female with some males and infants. 

He skulks back to the party and informs them of what he’s heard.



  1. Absolutely! It's clobberin' time!

  2. Ohh jeez you guys are game.

    Kord says, "May I suggest that we use the power of Asmodeus to weaken them. I haven't Channeled Negative Energy yet today and I can do so up to six times a day. With a small party accompanying me, three in total for that's all that I can protect, we can weaken them using channeling and then fall back to the rest of the party or call them forward as reinforcements when we need too. If we're lucky, we might be able to defeat them quite quickly."

  3. DEW - does channel work through barriers? Could Kord be on one side of a door and channel to affect others in the next room?

    It is an awesome visual. Sitting there, visiting, suddenly cuts and gashes split open, wounds suddenly and inexplicably appearing and bleeding...

    1. Good question. The rules are silent on it as far as I can see, but it says that it's a burst effect. When I think of a burst effect I think like it would be stopped by a barrier of that nature (ie which totally blocks a corridor as opposed to say an upturned table which I reckon wouldn't provide any substantial benefit).

      I think the door would block it. Do you agree?

  4. Lucien is ready… unless the party intends on dialog. 

    Before going in he will cast Shield of Faith on himself using a scroll, then ready Murderous Command to cast on either the strongest-looking male if one is obvious, or a male not immediately being charged by the party.  Next round cast a Cause Fear scroll to target the same strongest male IF IT WAS UNAFFECTED by the Murderous Command spell, otherwise he will target a male or female that looks like it may be getting the upper hand on a party member or is in a tactically advantageous position.

  5. If in two rounds it looks like the party is completely dominating, Lucien will save the Cause Fear scroll for some other time.

  6. Malandir is keen to accompany the initial assault, hoping to drop a female in the first round then make way for another fighter to step into the fray.

  7. "Perhaps we open the door but Per and I keep inside the corridor a little, so as not to have any survivors of Asmodius' wrath team up on us, with Kord and Maladir at our backs. Malandir can shoot through, and we can shield you two from physical attack. If we are getting the best of them then we can all flow into the room for clean-up. Do you think think this will work?