Friday, 18 August 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 53n


Lucien says, "We give thanks here for the victory in His Infernal Name, and we all are still quite full of vigor. We have yet to locate what may be the chief's lair. What say all, are we well enough and have enough resources to be confident taking on a chief and what may be a retinue?"

"Barret, that little one sliced you pretty well, heal up," Lucien hands the man at arms a potion of Cure Light Wounds which Barret immediately consumes, healing him 8pts taking him up to his full health of 12pts.

He looks over the party for weakness. Several remain wounded but Per is the worse. He hands him his last potion of Cure Light Wounds. Per takes the gift of Asmodeus and is healed 9pts of damage taking him from 7 to 16pts. 

Per says, "Thank you Lucien. That went better than I would have expected. We did extremely well. We have dealt these bugbears a devastating blow. I say we finish the job and take out their leader."

Malandir agrees. "We have achieved much to weaken this tribe, now we should finish the work!"

"Aye, we should press on," Talmark says. "Though I'm for relaxing for a bit while Per wipes them out single handed," he jokes with a wink. He claps Per on the shoulder, "Excellent work, my friend!" He smiles at Kord and Lucien and nods to Malandir. "Asmodeus has truly allowed for a great team to get together. What say? Next passage over and continue our work?"

They all nod in agreement and they form back up and go south and then west past the cave entrance and then turn north into the next passage over. By the guard room they stop and let Malandir scout ahead.

Advancing up the north south corridor Malandir notices that it bifurcates with one passage going east and one west.  Sneaking further he sees that both corridors abruptly end in a door, just 10ft off the original corridor. 

He goes to the western door first and listens. 

Perception check roll = 11 + 7 skill – 5 listening through a door = 13 which exceeds the DC of 0 of hearing a conversation. Malandir can hear a large male bugbear and a female talking behind the door. 

Checking for the monsters perceiving Malandir, roll = 9 + 8 skill – 5 listening through a door – 5 being distracted = 7 vs Malandir’s stealth roll of 6 + 8 skill = 14. The monsters don’t perceive Malandir. 

Malandir can hear two bugbears in the room. The male sounds huge. In its deep, guttural voice it is planning a raid on the main caravan route with the female. She is responding with suggestions on who should undertake the raid. “Gretru should lead ze next raid and pay homage to you, mighty Baroret, vis ze spoils zat he takes.” The big male grunts. They continue the discussion but, through the door Malandir isn’t able to understand any more of the details. 

Malandir thinks it best to investigate the eastern door before coming back to the party. He creeps over to the door and listens. 

Perception check roll of 17 + 7 skill – 5 listening through a door = 19 vs ?. He cannot hear anything.
Checking for the potential monsters perceiving Malandir, roll = 7 + ? skill – 5 listening through a door = 2 + ? vs Malandir’s stealth roll of 3 + 8 skill = 11.  

Malandir cannot hear anything through the door. He presses his ear harder against the door but he still doesn’t hear anything. Maybe it’s a storage room. Maybe there are some guards in here sleeping, a pet or a bugbear champion. Whatever it is he’s not sure. 

He starts to get that uneasy feeling of being alone in a dangerous position for too long. He sneaks back to the party and tells them of what he’s heard. 



  1. "Shall we seed the area before that silent door with caltrops before taking on what sounds like the chief? I'd hate to get flanked by more bugbears without having some sort of hindrance on them. Perhaps coat the area with oil and have myself and Clovis standing by with Alchemical Fires to toss out if any exit? It would take us out of the coming fight, but for good reason, if that may be a champion or a group in there."

    Lucien hopes it will all be for naught, but steels himself for the worst.

    Lucien breaks out a scroll of Shield of Faith, mumbling to himself about meaning to cast that earlier, but good fortune, it would have been wasted as things worked out. He wants to ensure if he is held in reserve to act as some sort of holding force that he is well protected.

  2. "Using the caltrops again is a wise precaution," Per states. "When we're ready, I say we pay the male and female a visit. With luck, the male will be their leader and we'll catch him unawares."

  3. "Yes, the Chief first. I'd hate to take on any others but then be hurt for the showdown. Better to take him out first, then if we have to leave before finishing the clearing their next leader will be much weaker than this fellow sounds. Kord, please give him a good blast of Asmodious' power. Let him feel HIS wrath before he feels our steel!"

  4. (((I have been plotting out an underhanded scheme for taking over the Guildhouse and discrediting at least one burg authority figure (we're talking manipulating an arrest and imprisonment.)

    It will take quite a few sessions to stir the pot enough, but it is a side-plot Lucien wants to work on, no risk to other PCs, and I believe it has a pretty high probability of success.)))

    1. If any other players wants to discuss off-site, email me at mardaddy601 [at] yahoo and I'll go over it with you.

  5. ((((actually there IS something I've been pondering doing, involving lowering the morale of the troops for the Knights, trying to talk some of them into coming with us on clearing ops, and subverting them to our cause. But maybe that is something for the whole party to help with as Talmark isn't really all that persuasive without something sharp in his hands...))))

    1. (((Email me your idea, even if it is just a sketch... conniving little shit-disturber than I like to play, I may find things to add to it or augment us to make it perfectly feasible. mardaddy601 [at] yahoo)))

  6. (((also - longer term, Curate Lambert is a concern. He is the only one I can think of in the burg with spells that can detect lies, reveal our complicitness in murders, and expose evil plans.

    We need to manipulate a method to have him either discredited, removed, or make him impotent or irrelevant. Please think on it all.)))