Saturday, 11 March 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 16c


As these are easy things to forget, the following is a little recap of resources (mostly consumable) that the party has which I thought I’d list here before we continue the action:

·        Lucien: Alchemy Lab (back at the Burg), Alchemical Fire (3), Antitoxin (1), Scroll – Doom (2), Scroll - Cure Light Wounds (3), Scroll – Cause Fear (2), Scroll – Shield of Faith (2)
·        Kord: Scroll – Cure Light Wounds (2)
·        Talmark: Oil of the Magic Weapon, Potion of Cure Light Wounds (2)
·        Community consumables: Torches (8). Note anyone can use a community consumable. It’s just a lot easier for me to keep up with consumables if some of them are community consumables rather than everyone having extensive equipment lists. Let me know if there are any others such as caltrops, iron spikes etc that I might have missed off the character sheets.

Also I’ve updated the summary character sheet to reflect Kord’s and Lucien’s currently chosen spells. 

If anyone spots any errors in the summary character sheet please let me know and I’ll fix them. It’s what I use when making rolls for the characters etc and should have pretty much everything on it except that their equipment is summarised down to pretty much just weapons and armour. 

·        Talmark lunges at the southern goblin but misses the little beast.
·        Like a well oiled fighting unit, Freemont taps Stein on the shoulder and Stein Withdraws to the rear of the formation (A Withdrawal action is a full round action which enables a double move and doesn’t invite an attack of Opportunity, p188 of the Core Rulebook).
·        Freemont taps Per next, ordering him into the front rank. Per 5ft steps to the south and attack the wounded goblin to his east but misses.
·        Freemont waves Clovis up. Clovis 5ft steps to the south east and then stabs at the wounded goblin to his south east. He hits the little blighter in the left leg. An artery is opened as he deals 7pts of damage and the goblin falls dead.
·        Freemont waves Barret forward into the gap created by Per. Barret moves a Standard move forward, into the space previously held by the now dead goblin, and attacks the right flank goblin but he misses as the goblin dodges his blow.
·        Fearing for his exposure, Lucien pulls a scroll from his pack and casts Shield of Faith and he is imbued by magic protection. He sparks up another torch for himself and holds it aloft. Lucien feels that he has a creeping sense of motion from the darkened passageways, nothing certain yet. He listens for footsteps or goblinoid whispers.
·        Malandir feels good that his two arrow have buried themselves in goblin scum. One dead and one badly wounded is a good start. Now that Talmark and the men are amongst them, they will regret firing on him, but not for long…..they don’t have that much time to live. He nocks another arrow but Holds his action. He knows he won’t likely hit any goblins as there are too many men at arms in his way.
·        Kord looks over at the badly wounded Malandir. He knows the elf is a powerful addition to the party and needs to be brought back up to strength. He 5ft steps towards him and asks “Do you believe in Asmodeus? Do you convert to the faith?” He checks himself before waiting for an answer as he realises now isn’t the best time to have an extensive discussion and to try to convert the elf. He reaches out and casts Cure Light Wounds healing back 8pts. Malandir is now back at full strength.

·        One goblin attacks Talmark but misses.
·        Another stabs at Per with his small short sword and hits him in the stomach for 3pts. Per grunts as he is wounded and will need to take a morale check next round.
·        The remaining goblins attack Barret. The first stabs him in his ribs drawing blood and 3pts of damage, the second attacks high but misses the man at arms. Barret will also need to take a morale check next round.
·        Lucien’s fears are realised. Peering into the gloom he can see nothing beyond the range of his torch. And then he hears it. He can hear what sounds like ½ a dozen or so goblins sneaking up on him. Six arrows shoot towards him [DM’s Note: of the six shots only two are unobscured, two are obscured, ie -4 to hit, and two are doubly obscured, ie -8 to hit. A natural 20 will still hit as usual]. The Shield of Faith has protected the worshiper of Asmodeus and all six arrows either thud into the wall around Lucien or bounce of his chain mail or are turned aside but the magical aura around him.

·        Per will need to roll a 3 or better to pass his morale check, he rolls an 18 and passes. Barret will need to roll anything bar a 1. He rolls a 15 and also passes.
·        Lucien knew his hunch was right. He advances 20ft to the west and raises his arms outwards chanting, his birthmark glows red as he channels the might and fury of Asmodeus in their midst. As the glow of the torch reveals the goblins Negative Energy lashes out 30ft in all directions. Lucien does 1d6 = 3 Will save of DC 14. All six goblins are caught in the burst. They have a Will save of -1 and will need to roll a 15 or better. The roll 10, 17, 15, 3, 3 and 15. Kord and Malandir are also caught in the burst but luckily Stein is just out of range. Kord has a Will save of +3 and will need to roll an 11 or better and Malandir has a Will save of +2 and will need to roll 12 or better. Kord rolls 12 and Malandir 2.
·        Kord relishes the lash of Asmodeus upon him. He advances towards Lucien 20ft and also Channels Negative energy but he selectively doesn’t harm Lucien, Malandir and Stein. Kord catches four of the six goblins. Freemont and Clovis feel the negative energy but are just out of range of its damaging effects. A roll of 5 is made for damage and the goblins this time will need to save against a DC 15. They roll 11, 6, 14 and 10. All four fail and all four take 5pts of damage. The four goblins in the front and middle ranks fall to the ground dead. The western group of goblins will need to take two morale checks next round (ie one for their first casualty and one for losing ½ their team members).
·        Malandir advances to Kord’s right flank and fires and arrow at one of the remaining goblins. The shot is accurate and deadly as he strikes the goblin in the stomach for 6pts of damage. The goblin keels over dead.
·        One the south eastern front, Talmark strikes out with his two handed sword and hits the first goblin in the left arm. The blade carries through the puny arm and as he separates it from the body and he deals 14pts of damage. The goblin dies instantly from shock.
·        Talmark Cleaves and attacks again. This time he strikes out against goblin who is next to the first. The big blade hits it in the base of the neck and decapitates the goblin dealing 14pts of damage. The headless body of the goblin slumps to the ground dead.
·        Barret 5ft steps to the east and stabs at the eastern most goblin and stabs it in the left leg for 4pts of damage. He doesn’t put the goblin down but it is severely wounded.
·        Per follows Barret’s lead and steps 5ft to the east and attacks the wounded goblin but he is unable to hit the wounded fiend.
·        Clovis 5ft steps to the south and attacks the unwounded goblin and hits it in the face. The spear puts a nasty gash down the left hand side of the goblins mouth, opening up its cheek and dealing 5pts of damage. It is almost a mortal wound.  
·        Fremont drops his torch on the ground and moves around the hole in the formation made by Talmark. He Flanks and attacks the wounded goblin from the back but fails to hit it.
·        The south eastern goblin contingent have taken 50% casualties and will need to take a morale check next round. 

·        The remaining north western goblin must make two morale checks. He rolls 6 and 8 against a morale of 7. He breaks and runs westwards.
·        The remaining south eastern goblins must make a morale check. They roll 9 and also break and run.
·        As they run Fremont, Clovis, Per and Barret will all get one attack of opportunity each. Clovis and Fremont miss the western goblin and he gets away. Per and Barret also miss the eastern goblin and he gets away too.



  1. I got a spare couple of hours on a lay over waiting for a boat and so like all good nerds I did have my dice with me so I put in another 2 rounds. Rather successful ones for the team I might add.

  2. Asmodeus be praised - Lucien will double move (however long it takes) to rejoin the group and encourage Kord and Malandir to do the same as he passes them.

    We need a quick assess - Lucien tells all what occurred in the west.

    What say? Do we chase after the larger group to the east, capitalize on the fear generated?

    We are not that bad off, health-wise. There was only one remaining coward that escaped to the west, but that way lies our exit. Our decision depends on how cautious the group wishes to be.

    ((My fault for not being clear - I was REALLY hoping Lucien would ensure the others were out of the range of the channel, even if it meant suffering another round of arrows at full-defensive. In the future, he will attempt to keep allies out of channel range unless I state otherwise.))

  3. Malandir is grateful for the healing power spent on him by Kord, but is relieved that the religious discussion is held off for a better moment. The wave of negative energy unleashed may have been a risk, but it seems to have also inspired his aim, he is glad that another goblin has died at the bite of his arrows.

    Malandir is in favour of chasing the one survivor from the second group, he might get another shot and kill him before he can alert any more enemies. But he knows the value of sticking together, and doesn't want to run into another group of crack goblin archers, he had a lucky escape from the last encounter like that.