Saturday, 4 March 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 12


Monster Initiative: Roll = 12 + 5 bonus = 17
Party Initiative: Roll = 13 + 0 bonus = 13
  • The north western most snake heads straight for the closest being, who in this instance is Freemont, and tries to bite him but he misses as Freemont jumps in fright at the attack.
  • The north eastern snake advances on the western caravan guard and strikes out but also misses.
  • The south western most snake advances on Andrin and misses.
  • The middle snake from the south does the same and also misses.
  • The south eastern most snake slithers straight at the lead horse and attacks it but also misses.  

  • Lucien directs the men to pair up, assisting one another offensively or defensively to handle the vipers to the north, “protect the horses as much as one another.” He loads his cross bow and fires a bolt at the snake attacking Fremont but the bolt flies wide as he misses his mark.
  • Malandir looks around and wonders if there is enough space for him to stand on the back of the nearest wagon. He lines up his first arrow on the snake attacking the caravan guard but he misses as he attempts to not hit the guard in the process. He bounds towards the cart and leaps upon it (DC 5 Acrobatics check (not too difficult as he can use a hand to help himself up and it’s only 4ft off the ground and there are various spots to use his feet to get up too), Malandir rolls a 7 + 3 = 10 and easily gets on the cart).
  • The western most guard stabs at the snake with his spear and hits it for 8pts of damage. The snake hisses at him, poison dripping from its fangs.
  • The eastern guard 5ft steps towards the viper to his front and stabs with his spear but he misses.
  • The eastern horse rears up on its hind legs and lashes out against the viper with its hooves but it misses twice.
  • Andrin draws his longsword and hand axe and attacks the eastern most snake to his front. He stabs with the longsword and hits the snake leaving a nasty gash as he deals 8pts of damage. He hacks at it with his axe and hits it again, this time killing the monster as he deals a further 6pts of damage.
  • Talmark yells to Stein to help him kill the viper to the east of him. As he advances on the monster he lifts his might two handed sword. He only just has enough movement to get into contact with the snake and so cannot get into a flanking position. He brings down Felldrac hard and cuts the snake in two as he delivers 16pts of damage. The snake writhes and coils around itself as it dies in agony.
  • Seeing that Talmark has taken care of the snake to his north east, Stein rushes towards the snake attacking Andrin. He is able to set up in a flank position and he stabs at the snake with his spear and deals 6pts of damage.
  • Barret follow’s Steins lead and charges the viper and hits it for 4pts of damage.
  • Clovis moves around to a flanking position on the north western snake and strikes with his spear doing 6pts of damage.
  • Per also advances on the western viper but he misses.
  • Kord stretches out his hand and lets a fire bolt loose at the viper but he misses.  
  • As they have taken their first casualties the snakes will need to take a morale test against a morale of 9. They roll 8 on 2d6 and will continue to fight on.
  • The western most viper rears up and strikes at Per. Its fangs sink deep into the brave warriors face dealing 3pts of damage and injecting poison into his system. Per must make a DC13 Fort save or be poisoned. His Fort save modifier is +3. He rolls a 15 and is able to resist the poison.
  • The middle viper attacks Barret but it misses the warrior.
  • The eastern viper attacks the horse again and hits it in the stomach dealing 1pt of damage and pumping poison into the beast. The horses Fort save is +6 and it’ll need to roll a 7 or better to save against the poison. It rolls a 17 and fends off the venom.

  • Having been wounded last round, Per will need to make a morale check. It’s the standard DC 15 morale check, +12 to his roll for Lucien’s Diplomacy skill, +2 for Per’s brave personality, +2 for having fought together successfully before and -2 as poison is scary. He’ll need to not roll a 1 to stay in the fight. He rolls 16 and will continue.
  • The un-restrained horse will need to take a morale check (if it was restrained it wouldn’t need to). It’ll need to pass a DC15 with no modifiers. It rolls a 1 and fails and goes running off. The snake gets an attack of opportunity as the horse goes by but it misses. It double moves 50ft to the due east (normal move for a horse is 50ft but it’s slowed to half due to its load).
  • Clovis attacks the north western snake, stabbing at it with his spear. The flanked viper is an easier target now and he hits it dealing 8pts of damage, killing it.
  • Barret 5ft steps to slightly improve his attack position and flanking the snake he stabs but misses it.
  • Stein strikes at the viper and hits it for 4pts of damage, enough to finish it.
  • The eastern most guard 5ft steps to the east to get into a blocking position to protect the horse and attacks the snake hitting it for 6pts of damage.
  • Andrin moves east 20ft and takes up a flanking position. He attacks the snake with his longsword but misses the slippery beast.
  • The remaining guard moves 30ft to the east and flanks the snake. He stabs with his spear and hits the viper for 6pts, almost killing it.
  • Malandir fires into the fray with his longbow and hits the snake for 8pts of damage, pinning it to the ground and killing it.
The party quickly catches the bolted horse. Slowed and fatigued by towing the cart it had slowed quickly and stopped once it wasn’t in harms way anymore.
They earn 2,000xp for the five snakes which is shared 8.5 ways (1 share for each character, 1 share for each main NPC (ie Andrin in this instance) and ½ share for each man at arms of which there are 7 in this instance, no shares for animal companions such as horses or dogs). Each player character earns 235xp.
Andrin thanks the party for their help. “Despite the Burg, the north west passage is a dangerous place and I thank thee for thou help. I’m not sure we would have gotten out of that little scrap unscathed without your help.”
Talmark approaches Per and looks at his face “It’ll leave a fine scar Per but it won’t match this one that I got from the goblins” he grins back at the warrior.
They gather themselves and set off again down the track. After a short while they arrive at the place where they must deviate to go to Cragmaw caves…….



  1. Continue on with the plan...

  2. Malandir ruefully considers the missed opportunity of the snakes. Next time, he will collect the heads, perhaps he can learn how to harvest their poison for his arrows....

  3. If Malandir wants to discuss it with Lucien, I am sure between the two of us we can work out a way to harvest and produce workable poisons for him.

    Lucien does have Craft: Alchemy to make the poisons, and it would be a Survival check to harvest viper poison successfully (Survival is an unskilled check, anyone can attempt even without ranks.) The DC would be whatever the DM decides, and I could "aid another" for a +2.

    It also means that unless we have Poison Use as a class feature or Rogue Talent/Feat or whatever, rolling a "1" any time handling poison in whatever form means you poison yourself. Worth the chance, in my opinion.

  4. Malandir is happy to learn from Lucien and discuss the risks of harvesting natural poisons. He would take the risks of handling any the group produces, although of course everyone in the group could benefit from such enhancements to their weapons.