Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 18a


Malandir is grateful for the healing power spent on him by Kord, but is relieved that the religious discussion is held off for a better moment. The wave of negative energy unleashed may have been a risk, but it seems to have also inspired his aim, he is glad that another goblin has died at the bite of his arrows.

Malandir is in favour of chasing the one survivor from the second group, he might get another shot and kill him before he can alert any more enemies. But he knows the value of sticking together, and doesn't want to run into another group of crack goblin archers, he had a lucky escape from the last encounter like that.

Talmark says "Not too bad. Nine down, however many there are left to go. Asmodeus has indeed graced us thus far! I say we press on this direction. If we can relight the torches perhaps we can leave one standing in this room where Stein now stands, or light their old fire in order to provide some light in case we should need to withdraw this way. Could save us from an ambush and perhaps discomfort the little maggots."

They agree then that they’ll move to the east and the south. A couple of the men are assigned to try to re-light the torches but it proves to be a fruitless task. More luck is had in lighting the goblins camp fire. There is reasonable firewood here and they are able to build a decent blaze. Even though it is on the ground it’ll shed light enough to keep the room lit and allow some light to extend into the corridors. 

Lucien quickly maps out where they are in the cave on a piece of parchment. He is no mapmaker or cartographer, but hopefully basics are all that is needed to prevent getting lost in the dark.
They spark another torch, fall back into formation and proceed down the eastern and southern corridor. 

Malandir readies his bow. He turns to the party and says “Keep the torch light back so as to not ruin my infravision. I’ll scout ahead and report back what I see.”

He scouts forward proceeding out of the room into the inky blackness of the southern corridor. It proceeds 20 off feet to the south before it turns back to the west. Peering down the western corridor he can see after about 30 feet there is, strangely, an open door which seems to open up into a room. 



  1. Malandir thinks to himself "I've got a bad feeling about this...." and slips back to tell the group what he has seen. He is prepared to get closer and listen 20ft from the door for the sound of any movement beyond, but not before he gets his bag of caltrops out and loosens the drawstring. He will go back to listen with an arrow notched to his bow and the caltrops in his other hand.

    If anything rushes out of the room he will throw the caltrops bag forward, hoping they will spread over the 10' to his front, then fire an arrow or fall back to the group depending what, or how many whats, he is facing.

  2. Crossbow at ready, occasionally checking our "six."

  3. Patiently awaiting either the signal to move forwards or a shout for help.