Sunday, 26 March 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 25


Over breakfast the party discuss the options of whether they should go back to the Burg and collect their rewards or continue their cleansing of the Caves of Chaos. 

In the end, they decide to go back to the Caves. Malandir succinctly sums the outcomes of the debate “Whilst I like the ruse, blaming the ogre for the deaths of the clerics as it is neat and reduces the chance of their brethren sending a larger force here to avenge them, I still think we should go back and finish the goblins. We bled them. Without the ogre, they will be weak.”

Kord, Lucien and Talmark nod in agreement. 

They pack their equipment and day provisions, leave the sanctuary of Cragmaw Caves and start towards the Caves of Chaos. 

During their march, Lucien and Per fall into step with each other. 

“Per” Lucien says, gaining the attention of the man at arms “I would be most happy to teach you anything you wish to know of the infernal master. The world is adrift in chaos. Varying levels in varying places to be sure, but civilization and order are forever on the defense from savages and creatures reveling in disorder and mayhem. Other gods do have their place and offer some respite, but Asmodeus provides a final answer to the unknown, the unpredictable. It goes back to the beginning of creation, of time itself, when Asmodeus...” Throughout the next few hours Lucien starts to teach Per the basic precepts of the faith, the overwhelming importance of hierarchy and absolute law, and the promise of power for those that are obedient.

During the trip, Lucien notices that Fremont and Barret are disinterested in the conversation but Clovis seems to recoil at some of his teachings. Lucien suspects that Clovis may have good tendencies. 

They reach the Caves without incident and approach the goblin Cave entrance. Kord tells the party that he can see fresh tracks coming to and from the cave. 

Forming up they re-enter the cave. 

Lucien strikes a torch and Kord casts Light upon his shield. 

The reach the first intersection.

Should they continue to explore the east or the west? Should Malandir scout ahead or should they all proceed together?



  1. Malandir is content to scout ahead once more, especially as enough time has passed for the enemy to have created traps or obstacles which he could discern before the group is caught by them. Perhaps better to keep away from where the hobgoblins were, try to deal with the goblins first?

  2. Malandir out front seems the way yo start this. Lucien is determined to put Barret into harms way a bit more (and would have directed the formation accordingly before reaching the caves.)

    Barret's stone-faced demeanor at the encounter of the cave gives Lucien pause on whether he will report what occurred when we do end up back at the Burg.

    If Barret is injured and we make effort to heal him in this go around, quite possibly there is more loyalty that can be manipulated, and if he is killed, the potential of his reporting disappears...

  3. Talmark thinks that Malandir should scout to the left, where our previous fight was, in order to be sure there is no one coming up behind us as we proceed. the rest of us could hang right where we are, as it keeps us handy, but out of the way and less likely to be shot at from the darkness.

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  5. Ok, do we mean Malandir's right as viewed from the party entering the cave? Malandir will advance slowly, bow ready.... towards the goblins once more...

  6. Apologies, I meant right of screen/east (if cave mouth faces north). Basically do a quick scout of the room we already cleared to be sure it still is so we don't get back stabbed

  7. OK, that makes sense, probably as viewed on screen is the best convention so that we all understand directions. Malandir is ready ....

  8. Sorry guys I'm just travelling a fair bit at the moment and cannot get any decent PC time. I should have the issue resolved in a day or two. Hang tight.