Friday, 31 March 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 26c


Talmark exclaims, "Blasted darkness! I cannot see much! Barrett, take cover at the edge of that side passage. Malandir, can you come forwards and see what lies ahead?” Looking over his shoulder towards the eastern passage he shouts out, “Lucien, we have made some room up here!..."
Barrett dutifully moves to the south.

“Indeed, three dead” Malandir thinks to himself, “most of the others wounded and in flight”.
The elvish rogue moves up to the western corridor, looking for the chance to strike down another goblin with his arrows. Kord keeps back so that his light doesn’t interfere with the elves infravision. 

As Malandir moves up to the corner he checks the corridor to the south from the room and sees that it ends in a dead end. 

As he approaches the western corridor entrance he peers 30ft forwards. He can see another corridor leading off to the south as the western corridor continues to the west. 

He moves up to the next intersection. As he peers to the south he sees that the southern corridor is another dead end. It looks like an unfinished tunnel, abandoned by the lazy goblins.

Looking to the west he can see that the western tunnel continues on but now there is another passage which goes to the north. 

“This place is a maze” he thinks to himself.



  1. That last post is a bit unintentionally short. I've got to do a bit more mapping. Should get one more decent post in before I go walkabout.

  2. Talmark wonders if that south passage back by Kord heads to the Hobgoblins, or perhaps another den. He force whispers "Not too far Malandir, we still have some backtracking we should do to be sure our rear is clear."

    He looks about for something flammable. Perhaps he can relight the fire in the upper right corner to keep this area lit like they did before in the other room and leave Barrett to keep an eye out from the bottom right entrance while everyone else clears the remainder of what we passed?

  3. We can always sow some caltrops across corridors we haven't fully cleared as well, to slow down any assault on us from those directions. If we leave at a time of our choosing, we can collect them again .... if we have to leave in a hurry, we will probably want any obstacles we can create to slow down a pursuit.....