Thursday, 9 March 2017

Keep on the Borderlands - The Path of Evil - Session 16b



  • Unphased by being struck by two arrows, Malandir calmly draws and arrow and fires at the nearest goblin. The arrow strikes true and the goblin is hit in the abdomen for 7pts of damage. Clutching the arrow and it’s stomach the goblin collapses to the ground and bleeds out. Putting the whistle to his mouth Malandir blows hard as he retires towards the protection of the party.
  • Talmark immediately launches into action and double moves 40ft towards the noise of the whistle. As he bypasses Malandir he grits his teeth knowing that there is danger ahead.
  • Stein keeps pace with Talmark and falls into formation on the warriors left flank.
  • The rest move up behind Talmark and Stein. Looking over at Malandir, Lucien is personally at a bit of a loss, but puts up a brave front, encouraging the men at arms to follow Talmarks lead.
  • Malandir winces as the light of the torches extinguishes his dark vision.


  • Having suffered their first casualty the goblins will need to check morale against a morale rating of 7. A roll of 2d6 is made…..but the characters cannot see the outcome.
  • [DM’s Note: Meanwhile the blowing of the whistle and the sound of combat may attract the attention of other denizens of the caves. To test the general noise of combat and the ability of it to attract attention a Perception check will be made using the following modifiers in particular from page 102 of the Core Rulebook, hear the noise of battle (we’ll use this for any loud sounds of a similar nature) -10, distance to the creature +1 per 10ft which we’ll increase to +2 per 10ft as we’re underground, +5 for hearing through a closed door, +5 for a creature being distracted or not alert. Do to give an example (as we’ll keep the actual chance a secret) if some creatures were 50ft away from a source of sound they would have to make a DC roll of -10 for loud noise, +10 for distance, +5 for being distracted = +5 and if it were a goblin with a perception of -1 the roll would need to be a 6 or better. A 1 is rolled in this instance and nothing happens. Hehehe. Hey I’m liking this whole fight in the dark thing.]
  • Five arrows streak out of the darkness at the front rank of warriors. The goblins have had to bunch up to fire this many arrows down a narrow corridor and only two of them have an unobstructed view (-4 to hit for the ones with an obstructed view).
  • Of the two arrows fired at Talmark, one strikes true hitting him in the right shoulder for 3pts.
  • Of the three fired at Stein, two strike true. The first hits him in the stomach for 5pts and the second in the right leg for a further 2pts. As it is his first time wounded in this combat, Stein will need to test morale at the start of the next round.


  • Due to Lucien’s high Diplomacy score, Stein will need to roll a 2 or better to pass morale. Ohh baby. Close. A 2 is rolled and Stein passes. Just.
  • Frustrated that he cannot effectively advance without a torch (as he’ll get ahead of the light), Talmark snatches the torch from Per with his free hand (no action) and moves down the corridor 20ft. As he does he can make out the shapes of the goblins preparing to fire more arrows at him. He uses his second action to advance on them but he cannot charge them this round nor attack them. He drops the torch at his feet and gets ready to raise hell next round with his two handed sword.
  • Seeing the enemy and being only lightly encumbered, Stein charges the goblin to his front but he misses his crafty enemy.
  • Malandir moves up and fires at the goblin to the front of Stein. His shot is obscured by Stein but still he hits the goblin in the left shoulder for 4pts of damage and nearly puts the little monster down.
  • Lucien moves up 20ft and fires his crossbow at the same goblin but misses.
  • Per double moves up behind Stein.
  • Kord double moves up as far as he can (40ft) behind Talmark.
  • Clovis double moves 60ft to behind Per.
  • Fremont double moves 60ft to behind Talmark.
  • Barret double moves 60ft to behind Fremont.


  • Roll to see if other monsters are attracted to the noise of combat = 15. A cold shiver goes down the back of Lucien’s spine as he feels something isn’t right.
  • Dropping his bow, the goblin opposite Talmark equips himself with his short sword and shield and strikes at the Cheliaxian warrior but he just misses as Talmark dodges the blow.
  • The goblin opposite Stein equips himself with his close combat weapons and strikes at the man at arms but similarly misses.
  • One of the rear goblins advances on Talmark and stabs at him with his short sword but misses.
  • The last two goblins fire arrows at Talmark and Stein. The shot at Talmark flies wide but the one at Stein finds it’s mark, hitting him in the right leg for 3pts of damage. Stein is starting to look a little faint as he now has three arrows sticking out of him.



  1. Guys just so you know I've got to go deep sea fishing for a couple of days off the coast of Antarctica so I probably won't be able to post for 4 or so days.

  2. Haha, almost sounds like you don't want to go. I'm only a little (totally) jealous! Be safe, and don't kiss any Leopard Seals!

    (and when you get back, Talmark wants to make Goblin Chum!)

  3. BTW, to save you some elbow grease on map making (if you're not wanting to go all the way into ProFantasy Cartographer program) here is a quick and easy system since you use Photoshop:

  4. Malandir feels good that his two arrows have buried themselves in goblin scum, one dead and one badly wounded is a good start ... and now that Talmark and the men are amongst them, they will regret firing on him, but not for long .... they don't have that much time to live!

  5. Fearing for his exposure, Lucien is going to read his Shield of Faith Scroll, and sparks up a torch himself.

    Lucien has a creeping sense of motion from the darkened passageways, nothing certain yet... He listens for footsteps or goblinoid whispers.

    If he hears any noises closeby, he will move away from Malandir towards the enemy in full defensive... when they are within range, he will raise his arms outward, chanting, his birthmark glowing red as he channels the might and fury of Asmodeus in their midst.

  6. Hey Tony that's a great idea mate. I've down loaded and had a little play with it today whilst I've been stuck transit.

    It makes some very very cool map. Next session I'll be able to use it.

    And you're right, it's a lot quicker than what I was doing.


  7. No problem man! I personally use Campaign Cartographer for various games, but it is very time intensive, and you pay for the versatility with only moderate visual results (not as realistic as those tiles).